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All About Industrial Revolution


The Industrial Revolution was a period marked by rapid urbanization and industrial development. It started in Britain in the 1700s and rapidly spread through entire Europe and North America. This period witnessed the improvement in transportation, communication and banking system. Here are a few important lesser known facts about this most important industrial development in world history:

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5 ways to create an amazing portfolio as teacher on the Internet

Online education is fast gaining foreground across the world. Far from the confines of the four walls and the classroom, teachers and students both are now resorting to the virtual classroom that has no barriers of time and space. Teaching online can be a very rewarding option for an educator. There are many online teaching opportunities that have cropped up in recent years. If you are attached with an online teaching website, you should also be aware of the need to have an updated and attractive teaching resume.

A digital resume that has the punch and the right degree of expertise, often makes for a recipe for success in online learning media. Here are tips that would make your resume or portfolio stand out and attract many eyeballs online:

  1. Choose a platform that allows you to combine many templates and widgets. Try and explore the tools available online and use it to make the most persuasive and compelling resume online. You can also upload your teaching artifacts and also the student work that has garnered the most grades. Ensure that while you put in glowing tributes about your achievements as a teacher, you also take permissions from the students and their parents when putting in the words of praise.
  2. Choose a good online website that provides online tutoring and has a broad student base across ages. A website such as MyEdge offers budding teachers and the seasoned hands to blossom as professionals in online learning. What and which online platform you choose is always crucial in catapulting a teacher from obscurity to greatness.
  3. While choosing to highlight your achievements as a teacher, make sure that you also keep it simple and clean rather than making it over-powering and boastful. You should create a simple design that attracts attention and not just a passing glance.
  4. Your online portfolio, should clearly have your photograph along with some of your students. A clear title and an “About Me” page are a must here. Next in appearance is your teaching philosophy that should be not more than one page while the content should be original. Ensure that your sample lesson plans and method of instruction is clearly specified.
  5. The online resumes that stand out clearly have an ending section that carries a testimonial page that has all the students’ remarks. How you are as a teacher has a lot of weight and recommendations along with testimonials make or break your online brand name. Your portfolio not only stands out as the business card but also is the coherent picture of who you are as an educator.

Finally, when you are prepping up your online resume, you should also include the instructional technologies you have mastered over the years on the online platform. Showcase your technological projects and how students have benefitted from them. This should be a comprehensive portfolio that will make the right noise on the web.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Homeschool Your Child

Homeschooling is fast becoming a great option to tutor children. Child education experts and social scientists are among those who believe that children should not be subjected under the purview of the discipline and social conditioning of the formal school. The school, many conflict theorists believe has been at the forefront of “dehumanizing” the education needs of children of certain age groups. Without entering much into the pedagogy of this topic, homeschooling can have its fast returns for parenthood too.

In the U.S., homeschooling is legal and in some states, such an arrangement does require a supervision by a state actor or a social worker. In India however, the stress on homeschooling is essentially about being a part of the “virtual classroom” methodology. Parents are fast resorting to the virtual classroom mode that can be enjoyed by students from the comforts of the home. Though homeschooling largely refers to a study discipline being maintained at home, help and coaching from external sources is all the more important. Virtual classroom, thus, is a natural fit.

There are different methods in the virtual classroom mode where students can learn and excel at their respective school/ college exams. Some of these coaching are closely supervised online and require performance progress tests. However, there are various self-paced learning programs available as well to suit the needs of different students as per their aptitude. A lot of carefully planned and shaped educational tools and training programs have been designed to give homeschooling a regular boost.

In addition, a lot of study time gets wasted in commute, especially in big cities. Homeschooling gives an easy access to quality resources without moving out of the comfort of your home. You can get online with friends, evaluate teaching resources as per their cost and find customized solutions which are both compatible with your pocket as well as your learning needs.

Here are 5 reasons why homeschooling can be a great option for your child:

1. The public school or even the confines of the private school system can be really expensive for middle class parents, especially so in the United States. These schools inspire rote learning and cramming with little emphasis on critical thinking or even questioning. With large classes and fewer teachers, many of these schools are holding back effective learning that lasts with time. Children often are tutored to learn for exams and retain nothing thereafter.

2. Much of the formal educational system does not involve virtual classrooms or even learning remotely. In many rural classrooms in India, for example, children are not given the attention they need. Teachers don’t get paid and hardly ever attend class physically. Virtual classrooms or even online tutoring arranges the time for both a child and a tutor to be present at all times. Many tutoring companies arrange for kids to learn even in the vernacular. This promotes development of learning.

3. In homeschools, children are at the comfort of their homes. Parents too can participate and learn along with children. Best of the teachers from different cities can be contacted and their help can be sought. Websites that encourage remote learning and learning through e tutoring such as have proliferated their operations. Virtual classrooms encourage young learners while even the greatest of teachers scattered geographically come together in one session to impart amazing knowledge.

4. Most of homeschooling involves self-motivation and inspiration. This encourages children to think outside of the box and do things on their own. Homeschooling counters the image of dependency on one source for learning. Learning thus becomes multi-mode. Also, teachers are unfettered and are not bogged down with minute administrative tasks that they do at formal schools. They can focus on knowledge sharing and enable children to master their interests.

5. Finally, you can attend to the individual needs of each child in homeschooling. There are education tools that enable this to happen. Social commentaries and other creative inputs also can interest the learner. The learner can feel compelled to learn inexpensively.

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10 tips to select the best tutor for your child

Education is about effective transfer of a wealth of knowledge & experience from the teacher to the students. These days, many students complain how one-to-one attention is not meted out to students in big classrooms and larger schools. With a crunch of good teachers in the market and increasing peer competition, students often are taking private tuitions.

Children are more inclined to learn better and maximize their academic grades if you select the right tutor for your child. In today’s modern day times, there are a host of educational resources that are available for the academic enrichment of young learners however the “right guidance” to make use of these resources seems to be missing completely. We shall discuss how to choose the best tutor for your child and whether online learning can prove to be a much easier road to academic excellence.

Ponder over your child’s needs: No two children are equal and so are their needs and talents. Children should be allowed to develop their own personality and therefore the decision of choosing a particular tutor should depend on your child’s ability, your capacity to pay fees and convenience. Many young couples these days choose to employ a private tutor to teach their wards at their own residence. This may sound as an easy arrangement but the debate today is on whether your child needs a physical private tutor or would an online teacher also suffice. Some of us also tend to be partial towards ubiquitous tutorial centers. Whatever it may be, you should choose a setting that is sustainable in the long run and is in conformance with your child’s preferences.

Discuss and decide: Before you pitch in with a solution to your child’s learning needs, try to discuss the situation with your child honestly. Most students fail to realize that they are struggling with homework & overall general studies. However, many also own up their inabilities and seek help. As a parent, you should offer encouragement to your ward.

Apply “word-of-mouth” suggestions: Often as parents, we seek advice on various matters from teachers, other parents and counsellors. This may also be necessary before you employ a tutor. The local parenting newspaper, tutor listing websites and yellow pages are also a rich source for identifying the right tutor. Ultimately, after seeking all advice & suggestions the decision rests on you. Take your time & do not take a decision hastily after all it is a matter of your child’s future.

Interview more than one tutor: As a parent you will always want your kid to attend to homework with a tutor that understands your child’s needs and also is comfortable with him or her. Try to speak to a couple of teachers always. Do not zero in on a teacher until and unless you are very comfortable with his methods and demeanor. Many a times, temperament also is crucial. Some tutors may be great academically but are irate and abusive, not suited for young children. You should look for qualities that make that complete mark, your child’s overall development matters, so don’t compromise there.

Discuss long term goals and set objectives: Before you bring in the tutor, remember to have everyone on board with respect to a common goal. Talk to the class teacher and even consult your child on setting the right goals. Set goals that are rational & achievable. Do not overburden your child with your aspirations or peer pressure. It is not about aiming for top grades immediately, but setting forth a work routine that is balanced & consistent designed to showcase improvements. Remember to ask for regular progress reports of your child from the tutor. Slow and steady always wins the race, so don’t push!

Going for online tutors- a viable option today?

The use of technology has become essential today for meeting almost all of our daily needs. From grocery to movie tickets, holidays to clothing, doctor appointments to car insurance everything is being done online except learning! One may wonder that why eLearning has not been considered as a viable option by the student & parent community till date. But, things seem to be changing and that too very rapidly with social learning platform such as MyEdge gaining tremendous popularity for its unique social learning platform facility. Students are increasingly using Virtual Classrooms & Virtual Libraries provided by such platforms to learn in real time from their favorite teacher who may be located anywhere in the world. Please find below a ready reckoner for meeting your child’s online learning needs:

  1. Select a tutor listing website to identify tutors who are available online. Don’t forget to check the credentials of a tutor before signing up a particular tutor.
  2. Remember to search profiles with specific keywords that suit your criteria. If you are looking to teach Shakespeare’s drama to your kid, type in the relevant keyword to gain searches of tutors in English drama.
  3. Read the past reviews carefully about tutors you have zeroed in on.
  4. What is the total experience of the tutor in online teaching in the chosen area? This must be clearly stated in the website for online tutors.
  5. Finally, when you approach a tutor, format a clear and crisp message. Do not go whole hog with your worries but clearly state your needs and requirements of your child.

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Changes brought about by technology in today’s classroom

Technology plays an integral role in learning today. A recent research suggested that today’s millennials are looking for bite sized information and they have a lower attention span. Keeping the tech-savvy generation engaged is not an easy task. Not only does Technology is not confined to a play a central role in today’s classroom learnings but enables teachers to present prepares the students for the real world situations/ case studies for the students as well. It has become more convenient to make learners well versed with – What to expect? With the easy availability of affordable gadgets, students no longer have to stay confined within the walls of a conventional classroom. Also, they The students can work on the assignments collectively with several sharing resources like Google hangouts which are available at the click of a button today. It has been seen that Mobile classroom technology has can easily bridged the gap between 2 learners and has bridged the physical gap to enable homeschooling. learning and the classroom.

How technology is playing a role in learning

With textbooks becoming less likeable extinct today, online ebook library are a popular choice. They are cheap, up-to-date, interactive and can be accessed with more ease. They come loaded with a lot of links by the author which can enable the student to understand the difficult concepts better. With the advent of technology in the classrooms, the student and teacher roles have undergone a transformation as well. Not only has the student become more engaged and active, but the teacher plays a more important role than just providing information. They can be approached by the students at any hour and offer virtual classes which the students can access either from office or from home.

Learning made easy

With technology making a foray into today’s classrooms, delivering personalized learning has become easier for the teachers. Not only can the lessons be customized according to each student’s requirements, but their progress is monitored continually and more effectively as well. The teacher’s can fetch the past perfromance of a student and can study their success graphs easily. The learning tools enable the students to excel in academics at their own pace. Additionally, incorporating a study plan is easy on a mobile device enabling an . This helps the students to get an easy access to the study plan. Additionally, Social learning platforms too play an important role in learning. It helps the leaner to engage in self paced learning and derive maximum benefit from the resources.

Benefits of technology

With rapid advancements in mobile technology, it has become easier to connect with anybody, anywhere. This makes the devices a popular choice of the students. Not only can they take part in group study, but can connect with the teachers when in doubt. In a virtual classroom chances are les that the students will be rushed through the curriculum. They will be taught at a pace which they are comfortable with which gives them the opportunity to understand the concepts well. Making the classrooms more engaging, technology has made interaction between the students and the teachers easier. Thus, we can see that technology has the power to transform how people are learning.

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