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3 Reasons Why Let Social Learning Be Your AdvantEDGE

Technology is broadly influencing education techniques and teaching mechanisms. Teachers who can download e books and also use new age digital media are fast realizing how social learning too is fast redefining how students learn. Social learning can safely be assumed to be the changing face of 21st century digital “Gen Next” learning.

What is social learning?

If social media are a set of tools used over the Internet, such as Facebook and Twitter, then social learning is an action that utilizes that special tool. Social learning is technology oriented learning that is frictionless and revolutionary. No questions, no furor or loud disagreements or even disruptions. Social learning can be through formal set ups or even informal. The virtual classroom via the Internet is one such informal set up. There are no pre-defined curriculum and no leaders. Topics often are generated organically by students and then ensues a discussion along with collaboration and later explanation by teachers. There are no strict rules and social tools and channels are used extensively in learning patterns.

Experts suggest how there has been a “gamification” of learning concepts and students and teachers both now enjoy studying in a different way by solving school problems in collaboration. Competition is about bettering one’s knowledge than about beating another. This is why the “social” has been infused in social learning and not individual learning.

An asynchronous continuity in Q&A:

Previously school goers believed if they asked a question in class, the answer would quickly follow suit from the teacher. In social learning this question and answer continuity is asynchronous. Social learning through social networks let students free from the division of time and space. Through digital learning new possibilities, multiple answers and many more theories could be found.

A new found confidence in collaboration:

Social learning is now all about collaboration. Students themselves can read and learn online and take up the role of a teacher to a fellow student anytime. The process of learning has now a new found confidence that is basically because of collaboration and communication. Because of discussions in social platforms, students can now themselves exchange comments and learn. In fact teachers no longer play the traditional roles. There in an interplay of both teacher and student roles.

Content can be grouped and filtered easily:

In conventional classrooms, teachers learn their chapters and prepare for class, whereas in social learning environments, this is not the case. You can browse through questions by subjects, topics, tone and source over the Internet in various social platforms and also download e books. You can tag and upload concepts and theories, explanations and angles. There are numerous videos and blogs that can be read and viewed based on filtering the search criteria. You can even look for research topics similar to yours and even connect with various individuals.

With traditional teachers clearly taking a back seat, many learning companies are taking advantEDGE of social learning technologies and delivering on teaching with a difference! MyEdge is one such website that uses social technologies and virtual classrooms for tutoring and mentoring students. Isn’t it a time for you to start as well?

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10 tips to select the best tutor for your child

Education is about effective transfer of a wealth of knowledge & experience from the teacher to the students. These days, many students complain how one-to-one attention is not meted out to students in big classrooms and larger schools. With a crunch of good teachers in the market and increasing peer competition, students often are taking private tuitions.

Children are more inclined to learn better and maximize their academic grades if you select the right tutor for your child. In today’s modern day times, there are a host of educational resources that are available for the academic enrichment of young learners however the “right guidance” to make use of these resources seems to be missing completely. We shall discuss how to choose the best tutor for your child and whether online learning can prove to be a much easier road to academic excellence.

Ponder over your child’s needs: No two children are equal and so are their needs and talents. Children should be allowed to develop their own personality and therefore the decision of choosing a particular tutor should depend on your child’s ability, your capacity to pay fees and convenience. Many young couples these days choose to employ a private tutor to teach their wards at their own residence. This may sound as an easy arrangement but the debate today is on whether your child needs a physical private tutor or would an online teacher also suffice. Some of us also tend to be partial towards ubiquitous tutorial centers. Whatever it may be, you should choose a setting that is sustainable in the long run and is in conformance with your child’s preferences.

Discuss and decide: Before you pitch in with a solution to your child’s learning needs, try to discuss the situation with your child honestly. Most students fail to realize that they are struggling with homework & overall general studies. However, many also own up their inabilities and seek help. As a parent, you should offer encouragement to your ward.

Apply “word-of-mouth” suggestions: Often as parents, we seek advice on various matters from teachers, other parents and counsellors. This may also be necessary before you employ a tutor. The local parenting newspaper, tutor listing websites and yellow pages are also a rich source for identifying the right tutor. Ultimately, after seeking all advice & suggestions the decision rests on you. Take your time & do not take a decision hastily after all it is a matter of your child’s future.

Interview more than one tutor: As a parent you will always want your kid to attend to homework with a tutor that understands your child’s needs and also is comfortable with him or her. Try to speak to a couple of teachers always. Do not zero in on a teacher until and unless you are very comfortable with his methods and demeanor. Many a times, temperament also is crucial. Some tutors may be great academically but are irate and abusive, not suited for young children. You should look for qualities that make that complete mark, your child’s overall development matters, so don’t compromise there.

Discuss long term goals and set objectives: Before you bring in the tutor, remember to have everyone on board with respect to a common goal. Talk to the class teacher and even consult your child on setting the right goals. Set goals that are rational & achievable. Do not overburden your child with your aspirations or peer pressure. It is not about aiming for top grades immediately, but setting forth a work routine that is balanced & consistent designed to showcase improvements. Remember to ask for regular progress reports of your child from the tutor. Slow and steady always wins the race, so don’t push!

Going for online tutors- a viable option today?

The use of technology has become essential today for meeting almost all of our daily needs. From grocery to movie tickets, holidays to clothing, doctor appointments to car insurance everything is being done online except learning! One may wonder that why eLearning has not been considered as a viable option by the student & parent community till date. But, things seem to be changing and that too very rapidly with social learning platform such as MyEdge gaining tremendous popularity for its unique social learning platform facility. Students are increasingly using Virtual Classrooms & Virtual Libraries provided by such platforms to learn in real time from their favorite teacher who may be located anywhere in the world. Please find below a ready reckoner for meeting your child’s online learning needs:

  1. Select a tutor listing website to identify tutors who are available online. Don’t forget to check the credentials of a tutor before signing up a particular tutor.
  2. Remember to search profiles with specific keywords that suit your criteria. If you are looking to teach Shakespeare’s drama to your kid, type in the relevant keyword to gain searches of tutors in English drama.
  3. Read the past reviews carefully about tutors you have zeroed in on.
  4. What is the total experience of the tutor in online teaching in the chosen area? This must be clearly stated in the website for online tutors.
  5. Finally, when you approach a tutor, format a clear and crisp message. Do not go whole hog with your worries but clearly state your needs and requirements of your child.

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Tools for Online Learning

E-learning involves many tools and technologies which make learning easy. From use of e-mails, to instant messaging, from social networks to message forums, online learning involves a plethora of recent innovations which make it easy for users to learn effectively. E-learning not only decreases the cost of learning but improves significantly the power of grasping amongst the students by making learners touch & feel the various concepts in real time being taught in the class. Not only does it lead to more active learning but also drastically improves the entire teaching experience of the faculty. Teaching over the years has made an unfortunate distinction of being a mundane job for some, however technology lends that magic touch which makes this profession an extremely interesting one.

Goals of an E-Learning solution

The primary goals of an e-learning technology includes helping students achieve their academic ambitions, engaging students in brainstorming & thought provoking discussions, expanding their learning horizons much beyond their books & notes amongst others. Tools in e-learning ensure consistent communication, development of customized content, sharing of knowledge across geographical boundaries & access to world’s best learning resources at the touch of a button. In addition, the tools personalize the students’ experience and offer a wide range of learning management systems which engages the student’s in quizzes and assignments.

Benefit of a learning management system

Learning management systems are a key tool in e-learning today which enable students to receive learning content easily. The key features of an LMS include course calendars, class reminders, assessments and testing. Not only does an LMS offer online virtual classes but manages the tests which are provided to students. Even if students cannot devote time to traditional learning, they can access the coursework through the learning management system. Helping e-learners to interact with instructors who are miles away, an LMS helps e-learners to receive content which educates them further.

Ensuring more effective learning

Tools for e-learning are easy to use for the end user. Video tutorials and well-designed coursework benefit the students largely. The e-learners can access up-to-date content without any challenge. The multimedia and the form of online teacher offer a more effective learning experience helping the students to retain better in comparison to the traditional methods of teaching. This sums up the benefits of e-learning tools.

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Top 10 online learning tips to clear UPSC exams


The Union Public Service Commission has made very recent and effective changes in the pattern of the public examinations conducted by them. It has been a beneficial change for the students all aspiring for “A” grade Government service that includes IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS examinations.
Candidates appearing for UPSC exams need to be citizens of India and have to be within the age limit of 21- 32. Three to five years relaxation is given for OBC and SC/ST candidates.

Getting through the UPSC examinations is not an easy task. You need heavy preparations to appear and succeed in it. The IAS examination serves as a common ability judging examinations for other administrative services like IFS, IPS. More than often, several attempts are needed to pass this extremely competitive examination that thousands appear every year.

Technology has evolved and so has opportunities. Nowadays, you can avail online tuitions for UPSC examinations. Make use of the online sites and information along with offline studies to qualify in your examination fruitfully.
Discussed below are top 10 tips to clear IAS examinations.

1.Get access to internet:
Get a laptop or a tablet to access the internet whenever. You can also visit cyber cafes to browse. However investing in a laptop or a tablet and a high speed internet plan is better and wise.

2. Buy books online:
You can research and find out from the internet the names of books that are preferred by IAS topper. There are various e-commerce sites that have huge stocks of books for IAS aspirants, you can order online and get them delivered at your doorstep. These sites offer discounts to their customers so you will get them cheaper than at stores.

3. Study via apps:
To get the access of studying on the go find android apps that offer study material for IAS candidates. At present there are a few good apps that can provide you mobile online study options.

4.Get enrolled for online IAS classrooms:
Do some research and get enrolled in an online IAS tutorial. You will get immense help from a good and reputed online tutorial company. Live chat rooms and mock tests will help you to know about various aspects of IAS examinations, views and get important information.

5.Go through the Government websites:
Be active in searching the various Government websites for reports and data about the UPSC examinations. They are often updated and you will get the latest inclusions and information than what you can get in books. You will also get authentic information about government schemes and policies, economic data etc.

6.Use the social media:
Go to the important pages and account of the leading media on Facebook, Twitter and the likes. This will get you information of the current affairs and general knowledge while keeping you updated with the latest development of the UPSC examinations.

7.Use gadgets:
Whenever you study or go to an important seminar or lecture related to UPSC examinations, use a voice recorder on your mobile phone or any other voice recording gadget. This certainly helps when you are studying.

If you are good and fast in typing, write blogs on UPSC subjects and share them over internet. You will get comments and views from those interested in it. A healthy discussion can give you a great insight and information that certainly helps.

9.Use Google Maps:
This is a useful tool for studying geography while preparing for the UPSC examinations. It allows to access to the different maps of the world and detailed specifications too.

10.Play Games:
All work and no play makes anybody dull. Play online strategic games. They will not only help you to refresh your mind but will also make you think differently. They is a huge array of games online. Choose one that relaxes you and yet works out your brain efficiently.

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Essential Tips On How to Read Faster And Retain More

Most of us often wonder how to read faster and retain the content which we spend hours comprehending. Learning to pick up speed while reading is not impossible.You can read fast and enjoy the words at the same time. At the onset, to read fast focus on speed. You can consider increasing your field of vision. Make sure that you do not read out aloud as the brain is faster than the tongue. Additionally eliminating distractions is very important. Th phone can be a big distraction. Most of us are tempted to check our mails or log onto to Facebook, which can hamper the reading speed.


Gain greater control :

Speed reading is more about control than speed. The better you are at controlling your reading rate and adjusting your speed, faster is your reading. With practice if you are being able to read a great deal moe than three words at a time , you shall be considered as an expert speed reader. The key in fast reading lies in focusing on the necessary information and eliminating words which are not necessary. One your gaze starts moving diagonally down the page, you will start absorbing more information subconsciously.

Previewing the information :

Avoid reading in noisy environments. There is a close link between concentration and your speed of reading which can affect both regular and online learning. If you are distracted, you will re-read sentences as a result of which your speed will slow down. If it is a difficult text which you have to comprehend in a short span of time, it is a good idea to preview the content. Read the paragraphs and their first sentence. This will give you a picture of what the text deals with. Next,you can simply skim over words to discover the details.

Effective ways to retain more :

Then next endeavor is towards retaining what you have read. As you read a piece of text, try relating it to incidents in your daily life. This will help you to remember the details in an easier way. Try highlighting important concepts and write a small summary at the end. Practice reading and retaining a little everyday. With regular practice you will witness a marked improvement in your reading speed. Very soon you will discover that retaining too has become a simpler task. Lastly, change your attitude towards reading. To retain, take a sharp look at the phrases which have been used, mark the key points in a margin with a pencil and make use of bullets in the summary.

As you increase your collection of ebooks from our online ebook library, take some time out to practice these tips. Once you improve your reading skills and learn to retain better, you will highly benefit from the online virtual libraries at

3 Reasons Why Let Social Learning Be Your AdvantEDGE
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Tools for Online Learning
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Essential Tips On How to Read Faster And Retain More