By MyEdge

5 ways to create an amazing portfolio as teacher on the Internet

Online education is fast gaining foreground across the world. Far from the confines of the four walls and the classroom, teachers and students both are now resorting to the virtual classroom that has no barriers of time and space. Teaching online can be a very rewarding option for an educator. There are many online teaching opportunities that have cropped up in recent years. If you are attached with an online teaching website, you should also be aware of the need to have an updated and attractive teaching resume.

A digital resume that has the punch and the right degree of expertise, often makes for a recipe for success in online learning media. Here are tips that would make your resume or portfolio stand out and attract many eyeballs online:

  1. Choose a platform that allows you to combine many templates and widgets. Try and explore the tools available online and use it to make the most persuasive and compelling resume online. You can also upload your teaching artifacts and also the student work that has garnered the most grades. Ensure that while you put in glowing tributes about your achievements as a teacher, you also take permissions from the students and their parents when putting in the words of praise.
  2. Choose a good online website that provides online tutoring and has a broad student base across ages. A website such as MyEdge offers budding teachers and the seasoned hands to blossom as professionals in online learning. What and which online platform you choose is always crucial in catapulting a teacher from obscurity to greatness.
  3. While choosing to highlight your achievements as a teacher, make sure that you also keep it simple and clean rather than making it over-powering and boastful. You should create a simple design that attracts attention and not just a passing glance.
  4. Your online portfolio, should clearly have your photograph along with some of your students. A clear title and an “About Me” page are a must here. Next in appearance is your teaching philosophy that should be not more than one page while the content should be original. Ensure that your sample lesson plans and method of instruction is clearly specified.
  5. The online resumes that stand out clearly have an ending section that carries a testimonial page that has all the students’ remarks. How you are as a teacher has a lot of weight and recommendations along with testimonials make or break your online brand name. Your portfolio not only stands out as the business card but also is the coherent picture of who you are as an educator.

Finally, when you are prepping up your online resume, you should also include the instructional technologies you have mastered over the years on the online platform. Showcase your technological projects and how students have benefitted from them. This should be a comprehensive portfolio that will make the right noise on the web.