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Technology plays an integral role in learning today. A recent research suggested that today’s millennials are looking for bite sized information and they have a lower attention span. Keeping the tech-savvy generation engaged is not an easy task. Not only does Technology is not confined to a play a central role in today’s classroom learnings but enables teachers to present prepares the students for the real world situations/ case studies for the students as well. It has become more convenient to make learners well versed with – What to expect? With the easy availability of affordable gadgets, students no longer have to stay confined within the walls of a conventional classroom. Also, they The students can work on the assignments collectively with several sharing resources like Google hangouts which are available at the click of a button today. It has been seen that Mobile classroom technology has can easily bridged the gap between 2 learners and has bridged the physical gap to enable homeschooling. learning and the classroom.

How technology is playing a role in learning

With textbooks becoming less likeable extinct today, online ebook library are a popular choice. They are cheap, up-to-date, interactive and can be accessed with more ease. They come loaded with a lot of links by the author which can enable the student to understand the difficult concepts better. With the advent of technology in the classrooms, the student and teacher roles have undergone a transformation as well. Not only has the student become more engaged and active, but the teacher plays a more important role than just providing information. They can be approached by the students at any hour and offer virtual classes which the students can access either from office or from home.

Learning made easy

With technology making a foray into today’s classrooms, delivering personalized learning has become easier for the teachers. Not only can the lessons be customized according to each student’s requirements, but their progress is monitored continually and more effectively as well. The teacher’s can fetch the past perfromance of a student and can study their success graphs easily. The learning tools enable the students to excel in academics at their own pace. Additionally, incorporating a study plan is easy on a mobile device enabling an . This helps the students to get an easy access to the study plan. Additionally, Social learning platforms too play an important role in learning. It helps the leaner to engage in self paced learning and derive maximum benefit from the resources.

Benefits of technology

With rapid advancements in mobile technology, it has become easier to connect with anybody, anywhere. This makes the devices a popular choice of the students. Not only can they take part in group study, but can connect with the teachers when in doubt. In a virtual classroom chances are les that the students will be rushed through the curriculum. They will be taught at a pace which they are comfortable with which gives them the opportunity to understand the concepts well. Making the classrooms more engaging, technology has made interaction between the students and the teachers easier. Thus, we can see that technology has the power to transform how people are learning.

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Changes brought about by technology in today’s classroom