A Unique Social Learning Platform

MyEdge is an initiative by like minded people who want to change the world of education. With a strong feeling in our hearts that education and learning should not be a privilege of a select few, we want to be the converging point of students, parents and teachers from India and rest of the world.

This social e-learning platform is the result of a humble idea to provide seamless academic and learning opportunities to each and every student of India and the world, irrespective of age and demographics. Our platform provides an unparalleled space to connect and learn from the best faculty, exchange ideas and notes with peers and meet parents to share experiences.

Having been a student ourselves, we understand the pressure to perform can be overwhelming at times. Therefore, at MyEdge, we provide you facilities which can ease your stress and give you a friend which is with you 24×7 to help when you need any guidance.

We also bring to you the pathbreaking concept of Virtual Classroom which provides the facility to learn in an online tutoring classroom environment, no matter where you are. You can connect with the bests of the world and enhance your learning.

We believe that learning is not a 100 metre sprint but a marathon and our entire website is based on this ideology. Come and experience the future of education. Connect. Learn. Outperform. After all an Edge is all you need to win the game of life!