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Most of us often wonder how to read faster and retain the content which we spend hours comprehending. Learning to pick up speed while reading is not impossible.You can read fast and enjoy the words at the same time. At the onset, to read fast focus on speed. You can consider increasing your field of vision. Make sure that you do not read out aloud as the brain is faster than the tongue. Additionally eliminating distractions is very important. Th phone can be a big distraction. Most of us are tempted to check our mails or log onto to Facebook, which can hamper the reading speed.

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Gain greater control :

Speed reading is more about control than speed. The better you are at controlling your reading rate and adjusting your speed, faster is your reading. With practice if you are being able to read a great deal moe than three words at a time , you shall be considered as an expert speed reader. The key in fast reading lies in focusing on the necessary information and eliminating words which are not necessary. One your gaze starts moving diagonally down the page, you will start absorbing more information subconsciously.

Previewing the information :

Avoid reading in noisy environments. There is a close link between concentration and your speed of reading which can affect both regular and online learning. If you are distracted, you will re-read sentences as a result of which your speed will slow down. If it is a difficult text which you have to comprehend in a short span of time, it is a good idea to preview the content. Read the paragraphs and their first sentence. This will give you a picture of what the text deals with. Next,you can simply skim over words to discover the details.

Effective ways to retain more :

Then next endeavor is towards retaining what you have read. As you read a piece of text, try relating it to incidents in your daily life. This will help you to remember the details in an easier way. Try highlighting important concepts and write a small summary at the end. Practice reading and retaining a little everyday. With regular practice you will witness a marked improvement in your reading speed. Very soon you will discover that retaining too has become a simpler task. Lastly, change your attitude towards reading. To retain, take a sharp look at the phrases which have been used, mark the key points in a margin with a pencil and make use of bullets in the summary.

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Essential Tips On How to Read Faster And Retain More