By MyEdge

How to Manage both your Boards & JEE Preparations together?

Handling your Boards and JEE preparations all at once can be a cumbersome task if you don’t have a well chalked-out plan. Since both the exams are equally important and your chance at getting into a good engineering institute depends on the percentage you obtain in both, you cannot make the mistake of neglecting either of the two. In the following section we will discuss basic guidelines so that you can be well prepared and don’t feel lost before your exams:

Organize: Organizing is the key. Organize your syllabus and plan your preparation accordingly.

Follow a timetable: The most important thing to do is follow a well planned timetable. Include your study time, nap time, eating time, etc. into your time table and follow it rigorously.

Prioritize: Prioritizing every chapter according to whether you have completed it, need more revision in it, need to prepare it all over again, is very important. Once you are done prioritizing, you will have a clear idea as to where you stand.

Thorough Revision: Most students cover the syllabus completely but don’t give much importance to revision and that’s where they go wrong. Revising the syllabus thoroughly keeps them prepared for both their Board and JEE exams.

Don’t miss out: DO NOT miss out on any topic no matter how easy you think it is. Learning the whole syllabus in detail will help you a lot in clearing both your exams.

Solve Practice Papers: Solving Practice Papers is very important when it comes to JEE or Boards. You should practice previous year’s papers to evaluate your own preparation.

Test Series Enrollment: Taking up a test series, be it online or otherwise, is very important for reviewing yourself.

Understand the pattern: There is a huge difference between the pattern of your Board examination and your JEE Mains. And it is very important for you to understand the difference and prepare yourself accordingly for both.

Review: Another important aspect of your preparation should be reviewing it from time to time. For e.g. Once you solve a practice paper, review it to point out where you need more revision and do it accordingly. It is better to review your preparation at the end of each day.

Take Care of your Health: Most students neglect their health during their preparation time. They take to bad eating and sleeping habits which affect their health badly and may cause trouble just before the exams. So it is very important to take care of your health and maintain a healthy routine.

Relax: DO NOT panic. A lot of us tend to start panicking as the exams come nearer. It is very important to stay calm and for that it is advisable to meditate daily, at least for 10 minutes. This will help reduce stress and calm you down.

Having said all of it, we would recommend you to use MyEdge’s virtual classroom your preparation, organise a session with your teachers or fellow students to solve your doubts. You can also refer to the books available online from the virtual library to clear your concepts. So go ahead and give your best.