By MyEdge

How To Start a Career As a Freelance Dance And Music Teacher?

If you are a dance or a music teacher with a passion to teach young minds and just love the associated joys of it, you should go on and read this. For most of us who are fledgling career musicians and dancers, it makes great sense to work towards not being a “floater” with no mission on staying under one umbrella. Although there are many online learning platforms that require you to register with them with your necessary skill sets, you need to get onto an online teaching platform that helps sell your skills to prospective students and employers.

Here are a few tips that can get you started with a freelancing job as a music teacher:

  1. To start with, it makes sense to put up a profile online that explains your areas of interest and what your strengths are. You can register with several online freelance portals for professionals and teachers. If you are willing to go an extra mile, try and put up a video on a social networking site that showcases your talents.
  2. It is a great idea to begin with a promotional campaign with toddlers and preschoolers. For many freelancers, the kindergarten is a great way to exhibit skills and promote an ardent following of students willing to learn and grow.
  3. Set guidelines for yourself and work on plans to promote the skills you have. It makes a lot of sense to perform for a group of listeners. If you are member of a club or a local orchestra, you should record some performances and circulate them over the Internet. For those of you who are not too comfortable with the online media, it makes sense to do local recitals and gain a comfortable audience which appreciates your art.
  4. Freelancing is all about selling your skills, if you have an additional interest, try and sell that as well. For many of us who are amazing performers, getting a freelance job as a performer in the local book and art store too is an opportunity you should grab with both hands.
  5. Remember, failure is often an opportunity that will help you do better and do more in life. If you get rejections for your performances initially, learn for them and move on to a different set of learners. Do not stick your guns on one. It pays to have many students!
  6. Be patient while your network of influence builds up. Do not expect financial rewards all at once. This is the best advice most freelance musicians will tell you. It makes sense to wait and watch, the returns will follow suit!
  7. Finally, be ready to move around quite a bit for a freelance performances. If you are ready to travel, you could be in for a lot of surprises. Art and music best prospers on the go. If you can, try and perform for audiences in different cities and towns. The more the sphere of influence, the better it is to kick start your freelance dance and music teaching career!