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Technically speaking, teaching, as a career, holds same amount of nobility and reverence as serving nation in military and farming. Many scholars have often stated that a teacher is architect of the future. Yet, the future of teachers in our nation is not as secure as it should be.

Teachers in India face multitude of challenges when they begin their journey and the biggest challenge faced by them is the financial challenge. Majority of Indian teachers are underpaid in the initial stages of their career, some of them even face the economic problems in the later part of their career. There are several reasons of the financial struggles of teacher in India, which includes undercapitalized educational institutions, poor incentive policies, lack of donation (in the case of NGOs), neglected attitude from government, etc.

A financially troubled teacher can hinder the future of our nation to a great extent, here’s why:

  • If teachers are not financially stable, the youth of the nation will avoid to choose teaching as a career option
  • Teaching is a cerebral process. If a teacher is not happy or is troubled, he/she can’t give their 100% to their job, which in turn will hamper the growth of students
  • In an internal study conducted by WONK, we discovered that teacher’s whose financial needs are being met regularly perform better than the ones who are financially troubled


We are not saying that teachers should be over paid or should be treated as VIPs, no, in fact, most of the teachers live a life so simple that they hardly care about luxuries or high societal status. What we are trying to convey is that even a small financial boost can bring a change to the lives of those who lose their sleep over other people’s children!

To eradicate the financial challenges of teachers/tutors and to share their problems, WONK has launched the ‘WONK Teacher’s Loan’. Now any tutor who is registered on WONK is eligible for a teacher’s loan worth ₹ 1.5 LAKHS!

The key benefits of our Teacher’s Loan are:

  • 100% Collateral Free unsecured Loans
  • Lowest Interest Rate
  • Any tutor with minimum monthly salary of ₹ 5,000 can apply for the loan
  • Fastest Loan Approval Rate in India
  • Get Loan for any Personal Need
  • Loan offered by fastest growing NBFC approved by RBI


The loan amount might not be enormous, but it’s enough to bring a positive change in any tutor’s life! Here are some useful things a tutor can do with a WONK Teacher’s Loan of ₹ 1.5 LAKHS:

  1. Buy a Laptop for Yourself.

A latest laptop with up to date specifications can boost a teacher’s career in a huge way. Not only it will help you in staying connected with the modern world, it will also assist you in learning and exploring new things every day coz ultimately, knowledge is the fuel for teachers!


  1. Provide better education to your kids.

Teachers spend their life shaping careers of other people’s children, but in your noble endeavor, you won’t have to leave your child behind. With WONK Teacher’s Loan, you can make sure that your child gets the best education.


  1. Support a Marriage in Your Family.

A day comes in every person’s life when you have to support a marriage of your loved one in your family. With WONK Teacher’s Loan, you can support a marriage in your family and make sure that there’s no stone left unturned to make it special.



  1. Fulfill Your Pending Travel Plans.

After a very long session of hundreds of classes, lectures, assignments and papers, every teacher deserves a break to recreate and relax with his/her family. You can travel to some of the best places with WONK Teacher’s Loan and you can also take your family along.


  1. Buy a Vehicle for Home Tuitions.

Home Tuitions are in the all time high demand and if you are registered as a tutor on WONK, you can boost your earning at least 5 times by giving home tuitions! For providing home tuitions, you need a vehicle of your own and with WONK Teacher’s Loan, you can buy any top end two wheeler and even a Tata Nano for yourself!


  1. Buy Jewelry for your Wife.

Your wife stood by you in every rough and smooth turn of your life. Just like any other profession, there is always a woman behind every successful teacher! With WONK Teacher’s Loan, you can gift your precious wife a precious jewelry set to convey your love to her.


Apart from above suggested uses, you can use WONK Teacher’s Loan for any personal use. With this loan, we have only one aim, which is to make sure that our tutors get what they need and when they need. We have one philosophy – “A happy teacher creates a happy student, a happy student creates a happy nation and a happy nation creates a happy world!”

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