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As Albert Einstein once said “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.

This statement itself is a lifetime worth of advice Mr. Einstein gave to the parents all around the globe and is as important as his three laws. The reason we are writing this article is because of our realization that parents these days emphasize heavily on schooling for their children’s education but the fact is, school is vital for a child but it’s not enough if attaining comprehensive education is the goal.

School is not a synonym of education, there’s a difference which needs to be addressed. Yes, school does provide education to the students but education is a process that can’t be confined within the four walls of the school. Education is an eternal process and it continues even after school hours. The point to remember here is that a student’s need differs from subject to subject, for example, a student might grasp literature quickly but the same person might face hardship understanding maths, so assigning equal time in school to both literature and maths might not work for that student.

School is important;in fact, I’ve conducted a #WONKForSocietycampaign to arrange school admissions for underprivileged kids. It is the basic right of children and therefore our duty to send them to schools. But, complete dependency on schools for ensuring a child’s education might not work for most of the students as every student has different learning needs that need to be dealt accordingly. Depending completely on school for child’s education is like giving him breakfast in the morning and expecting it to satiate his hunger for the entire day.

Schools in general maintain 1:50 teacher to student ratio, which is not enough and if the student is a slow learner, then coping up becomes a complex process for that child. Therefore, the need of the hour is to find a right tutor for your kid who can give ample time, attention and commitment to a student. The lack of time and vastness of curriculum is taking a huge toll on the delicate minds of the students. A right tutor can ease up the entire learning process for the child and can offer the much needed mental-relief, which most students are deprived of these days.

In this competition fuelled era, education seems to have lost its way a bit in the midst of grades and numbers. Let’s get together and give education the prominence it deserves by providing access to quality tutors and mentors who work with parents to transform the lives of students for good.

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