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Battles not only play a decisive role in a full-fledged war but also alter the course of history. There have been a few epic battles that have changed the course of destiny for some nations forever. The list is quite exhaustive, as we are talking about more than 200 countries, but herein we have covered four of the most important battles that the world has ever witnessed:

1. Battle of Waterloo

This battle not only squashed Napoleon’s Hundred Days’ war but also put an end to the 23 years of war between France and rest of Europe. On June 18, 1815 Duke of Wellington led the British & Prussian forces to crush Napoleon’s troops at Waterloo,in present-day Belgium, then part of the United Kingdom of Netherlands. This marked the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte and also put an end to the First French Empire. After this battle, Napoleon was abdicated and he died in exile in 1821.

2. Siege of Stalingrad

This is the most important battle of World War II – in 1942 Adolf Hitler attacked Stalingrad (now known as Volgograd). As the German troops advanced, the Russian army took a counteroffensive defense. This resulted in the entrapment of thousands of German soldiers. They struggled to survive the harsh Russian winters and after 6 months, they finally surrendered. About 2 million people died in this battle. This battle halted Hitler’s advances on the Eastern front.

3. Battle of Gettysburg

This battle marked a major turning point in the American Civil War. The Confederate’s were slave-holding nations and they advanced to invade the North under the leadership of Robert E. Lee. Though the Confederate army outnumbered the Union Forces by a huge number but after three days of war, the Confederate army was overwhelmed by the Union Forces. The result surprised everyone across the world.

4. Battle of Tours

In 732 AD, the Muslim Army led by Spain’s General Abd-er Rahman invaded Tours in France, hoping to conquer Europe. However, the unarmored Frankish army, led by Charles Martel, strongly held their ground and forced the Muslim army to retreat.  Scholars argue that this battle halted the expansion of Islam in Europe.

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4 Epic Battles That Changed History