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Do you know that our planet earth has been recycling water for more than 4 billion years? That means you could actually be drinking the same water that the dinosaur’s once drank:-)! Surprising, right? The water on earth moves between the rivers, oceans, atmosphere and the land through a continuous process called the Water Cycle. Let’s take a look at a few interesting facts about this cycle:

1. The water on earth is constantly moving through the process popularly referred to as water cycle. This movement within the cycle takes place in three forms- solid, liquid and gas. Water is constantly moving in these three forms.

2. The sun acts as a facilitator for this entire cycle. It heats up the water bodies causing evaporation. As the water moves as vapors in thin air, it either changes its form into liquid (rainwater) or solid (hail, ice, snow). Again, these fall back onto earth to provide nourishment to the life on the planet.

3. The water that falls onto the land is called “runoff” water. This water is absorbed by earth and stored as underground water. This groundwater acts as a support system for water resources such as rivers and lakes. It is also used for irrigation and domestic purposes such as cleaning, drinking etc. To remain within the water cycle, groundwater must always remain in motion which is decided by the aquifers (underground permeable rock).

4. In many parts of the world, snowmelt is one of the prime contributors to the water cycle. Snowmelt drives a major water movement on Earth. In cold areas, precipitation is stored as snow during winters and is dispersed naturally during summers when the snow melts into rivers.

5. Do you know that the oceans contributes about 90% of the evaporated water in the cycle?

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5 Amazing Facts on Water Cycle