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Is it that time of the year when exams are looming large on your heads? Are you feeling the jitters in your stomach and losing sleep over the results? If yes then you should sit back and relax, get some good sleep after reading this article! Exam worries are normal for most students and it’s now time to shake off that little voice in your head causing worries. Disappointments are a part of life and there is simply no need to aggravate it in any way. Here are some amazing therapies that can work wonders in lifting your mood and beating exam stress:

1. Start your day with facing the mirror and delivering a pep talk of substance:

In fact, many of our member students have opined that this method is fool proof in delivering the desired results. Psychologists have argued that satisfying the inner voice is often the best way to meet with adverse conditions. You will see how such a corny idea can yield success in the long run. Pep talks help in motivating and picking up moods and inclinations. It is a way of getting to do things at the slightest encouragement coming from your own self. Pep talks helps replace the inner negativity with positive reaffirmations.

2. Exercise and Keep Your Mind Calm:

Exercise helps the body release endorphins or the good hormones. The entire system is impacted positively if you pump the irons for 30 minutes daily. Stress is significantly reduced and sleep mechanisms are set into play. As a person, you will feel that you have reached peak performance levels by exercising.

3. Remember to practice a hobby:

Having a hobby that encourages you to yearn for more and walk that extra mile will automatically help you feel motivated for success. It is all about having the right mindset. A hobby such as painting, sports or playing with pets helps rejuvenate and invigorate the senses even more. It helps you focus on the good whilst cutting out the bad effectively. This also helps you in stress management.

4. Listen to music:

Music is the soul of life and this therapy is a time honored truth! Music enhances the blood flow to the tissues and brain and helps kindle a lost verve for betterment. Most students read better and also perform better after listening to their chosen form of music and this is a scientifically proven fact. Stress is curbed easily and focus is better restored thanks to music sessions.

5. Somethings fishy! Literally(Only if you are a non-vegetarian):

It has been proven through research that eating salt water fishes helps in preventing mood disorders and reduces the production of stress causing hormones in humans. Eating decent amounts of fatty fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines along with the Indian river trout may actually help in the production of Omega 3 nutrients, which is a mood boosting element which helps in preventing mood swings. Many hormones, specifically dopamine and serotonin often are secreted during tense and anxious moments such as during examination. Fish often helps combat these hormones by producing a “reward” chemical that fights these mood swings!

6. Get a best coach or mentor:

Having a mentor/tutor who can calm you during difficult situation is important. On the other hand, an incompetent tutor can cause nervous breakdown. In order to identify & book your best fit tutor, download WONK – India’s first tutor discovery & tuition booking app. You will find scores of verified quality tutors who can be booked on a click of a button. Don’t wait, download WONK from Google PlayStore and get started right away.

In the end, do not distress when you are faced with exam stress. Always remember, god wants only the best for everyone so just give your best short and hope for the right results.

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6 ways to beat exam stress effectively