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Music is all about achieving harmonization with your surroundings and being able to find peace in notes and tones. For most of us, music is the perfect stress buster. If you are a student, you would love listening to some soft music before your all important examinations. Listening to certain kinds of music can be extremely helpful in beating worries and stress of academics. Here is the list of healing therapies compiled by MyEdge:

  1. Music has the soothing power of reassurance and comfort. If you are studying for an exam, it is a vital stress management tool that enables you to counter negative emotions and forgetfulness.
  2. Music helps in building & retaining attention while one is studying. It has been proven through science and research that music enables students to focus more energy into what they are doing. Instead of acting as a distraction, some forms of music have healing properties that help in circulating positive energies in the mind. Further, certain kinds of music are very engrossing and builds inquisitiveness in students. The mind wandering propensities can thus be curbed effectively by listening to such kind of music.
  3. This is also a proven fact that music lifts the mood of people. Students may feel burnt up during exams. Music provides the panacea to great moods and a positive and lighter approach towards life.
  4. Music strengthens emotions required during attempting examinations. In a study conducted recently at the University of Tokyo, researchers found that college students who listened to music regularly while solving math puzzles were 3 times more likely to succeed than those who did not listen at all. Contrary, to popular perception, music of personal choice may be the answer to success at the exam table rather than being a nagging distraction.
  5. Calming music, instrumental and soothing, can be a good way to avoid bedtime blues in students appearing for examinations. Aroma therapy combined with music can lead to solid results in inducing sleep and ameliorating worries or toxins from the body. This helps in better preparation for exams on the ensuing day.

Music therefore results in reducing burnouts and leads to an overall improvement of mood amongst students. It also leads to improvement of self esteem and can bring in order & security for the distressed. Many students also find solace in music as it boosts the overall quality of life.

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5 Healing Properties Of Music That Helps In Stress Management