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Teaching is a profession that has challenges and amazing returns in the long run. It requires a lot of patience that helps you reap the rewards much later. In order to bring about marked improvements and tangible results in your students, you need to evaluate the learner’s intelligence and his or her ability to muster up the confidence to deliver results.

A slow learner often is sensitive and very self-conscious. Most of them are well aware of their weaknesses and lack confidence to boost their performance. Here are a few ways in which slow learners can be motivated:

  1. Find out the main issue: Slow learners have different sets of reasons why they perform badly. As a tutor, it is essential that you find the true reason for the learner’s weak performance. A good amount of interaction is necessary along with a tracking of the activities undertaken by the learner himself. You can adopt new ways in which the slow learner can be guided and help him or her learn new styles of learning.
  2. Take extra classes: Teachers should often encourage students to come over for extra classes that are beyond the set timings of the classroom. Extra care and practice is always necessary. Individual attention may help trigger a need for change in the student. As a teacher, you should adopt new methods of teaching and stay cool with the feedback. A lot of patience is also necessary when teaching slow learners.
  3. Slow is not necessarily inferior, but different: Never encourage a feeling of neglect among the slow students. These children are not unwanted and may deliver results in the long run. Do not let the short term goals deflect you from the long term perspective. Learning disabilities can be ameliorated if proper care and attention along with audio visual aids are used in imparting education.
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How do you motivate a slow learner?