By MyEdge

5 tips to minimize exam stress

Are exams just around the corner and you are feeling tizzy? You want to do well but are tensed? Even if exams loom large over your head, you as students should follow some basic rules that can prove to be helpful in the long run. Taking exams is an art that needs to be mastered carefully and most of the work is about grooming your mind and applying a study routine that is effective. Here are a few healthy tips and tricks that can help you tide over exam stress.

Begin early to finish early: As a student you should not wait for the final hour to make the killing plunge in the exam hall. A lot of senior school students tend to accumulate study work till the last hour before an exam day. This is simply not going to help you in the long run! Like it or not, a study schedule that is chalked out days before the exam day can well be the key to your success and help beat stress. There is no alternative to regularity, like it or not!

Revise well: If you have an exam tomorrow, try not to cram up details of your study the evening before. It is unthinkably not possible to remember all that you read. In fact, you should read before and make pointers and tips. Before the exam day, glaze over your notes and remember plausible and noteworthy points for your exam paper. This helps reduce stress.

Visit social learning platforms and give yourself a pep talk: As an examinee, your paramount worry should be about staying calm. Try to visit social learning platforms such as MyEdge and read about other fellow exam takers and their experiences. This should help you feel confident and you could take heart.

Set realistic targets and don’t be too pushy: Set up attainable goals if you start late. This is true the other way round as well. Competition is all about doing better than your last time than doing better than others.

Have enough sleep without too many distractions: Do not for heaven’s sake watch TV or even play video games before the exam day. This may backfire, you possible might even forget a lot of key points for study. Instead, try getting full 8 hours of sleep the night before and also catch the wind blow or walk in the evening. You can also eat light and listen to some good music if you want to soothe your nerves.

Finally, we all love change! If you are down with anxiety and are feeling way too much stressed, try to refresh yourself.. Buy yourself a new pen or even a new pencil. Try refurbishing your study desk and bring in some change. Remember, studying for exams is not tough if you plan well. Those who plan a bit in advance often can do without the horrible stresses at work