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Achieve Mental Fitness

We all give physical fitness a lot of importance in our daily lives. What we ignore is that mental fitness too is important for us to be successful. A healthy body can help you deter illnesses such a diabetes and heart disease, a healthy and fit mind can on the other hand will counter stress and anxiety. If you have an alert and fit mind, it helps you become mentally agile and have a sharper understanding of situations and occurrences.

Mental fitness can involve keeping your brain and emotional health in great shape. It does not necessary mean increasing IQ points manifold, but is all about slowing down and decompressing the brain’s capacity along with boosting a flagging memory.

Here are some tips that will help you bring about a high charged and fit mind:

Understand the mind and body connection:

It is absolutely of no surprise that physical fitness leads to mental fitness as well. For those of us who are into exercise and activities for the body, you will notice a certain amount to change in the mental make-up as well. Physical exercise boosts the supply of blood into the brain and releases endorphins or feel good chemicals that help prolong your life. This enables the individuals to maintain that balance which is necessary in a fast paced environment. Also, you stay happy!

Keep yourself busy and fight signs of depression:

Most individuals do not prioritize mental activity and rank it low in importance relatively. You need to understand that more the mind gets busy, the better it is for the brain to initiate the feelings of self-confidence and optimism. The more active the Brain is, the chances of delivering results is higher. Increasing the Brains’ activity helps you to boost emotional wellbeing as well. It calms you mentally and keeps your mind away from depressive thoughts. Engage yourself in some quizzes & puzzles like Sudoku, Crosswords or try to learn something new every week.

Do not multitask:

The fact that multitasking is good for the Brain is a myth that many psychologists have broken. Research has shown that multitasking adds more problems than it resolves! If you focus on one thing at a time, you are actually enabling the Brain to improve the concentration manifold. You are in fact, seeing the bigger picture and are more productive in many ways.

Stay calm and stay positive:

Positive affirmation, say experts, is the best way to control and influence the mind. The fact that most of us live high pressure lives, is a common reason why we get frustrated easily. If you strengthen your neural pathways through control and affirmation, you will learn to live by failures and not get too overwhelmed with success. You actually become much more self-confident and satisfied.

Try different vocations, read more:

They say, reading is the best way to keep a mind agile and growing. You not only learn about new things, you also process each word and sentence when you read a book. Your mind visualizes the subject and imagines in dialogue. Reading can also be relaxing, by stoking on imagination and interest in several areas of the Brain. If you try out new things, have newer vocations, eat new dishes, your Brain stays young and healthy!