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6 Online Tutoring Methods That You Need To Try Now!

Did you know that the growth rate of self-paced eLearning in India is 55%, which is the highest across the globe? Couple that with the Digital India initiative by the Government of India, which ensures high speed internet access for most of the citizens across the country, and you have the perfect situation for eLearning to gain popularity over that of conventional learning methods. And why not? eLearning has so many advantages over pen and paper methods. For one thing, you can learn whenever you have time and let’s face it, the price of course materials does play a role. Most of the tutorials you find online are very reasonably priced, and some are even available for free, which makes opting for eLearning an economically viable solution.

So, what method would you prefer for online learning? Here are the most popular methods you can adopt:

Attending virtual tutoring sessions

Many eLearning service providers offer options for virtual tutoring, which you can access via the Internet and collaborate with teachers and other students to learn lessons quickly. Consider our virtual classroom, for instance. It’s free, and lets you connect to thousands of students, parents and teachers from across the globe. This not only leads to comprehensive learning, but also makes the classroom a perfect spot for cultural exchange.

Browsing eLearning websites

Sites that showcase study materials on different subjects and associated topics can be a big help, if you are interested in studying online. These sites are accessible 24/7, which means you can study any time they are free. Even if you attend regular classes offline, you can still access these websites to brush up on whatever you learn in school or college.

Listening to podcasts of lessons

These go a long way in facilitating learning on the move. Students can download podcasts to their mobile phones or music players and listen to them any time they want. This is like listening to a lecture in class, and that too one with the option to pause/resume, rewind or fast forward. Just one more reason why eLearning is better for students than conventional learning, eh?

Discussing lessons with other students online

Chatting with other students about lessons can help you clear up doubts faster, especially if you didn’t get a chance to put queries through to the teacher. We, for instance, have an option that lets you team up with a Study Buddy, and discuss topics that you couldn’t quite grasp. A buddy can also help you keep track of study schedules, ensuring you never miss a class.

eBooks for offline reading

Availability of study materials in digital formats, such as PDF and ePub has helped students immensely. Anyone can download these eBooks to their computers or mobile devices and read them anytime, anywhere. What’s more – digital books are available at much lower costs than printed ones, which means most students are able to afford the former. Moreover, to reduce the cost further, MyEdge also has an online library, wherein you can refer to academic books at a nominal cost. Why even buy ebooks?

Reading blogs posted by eLearning institutes

eLearning institutions often post blog updates related to subjects and topics of study. Reading these blog posts on the move can help you develop better understanding of study materials and also gain knowledge on the state of online learning across the globe.

The global market for mobile learning, one of the rapidly expanding divisions of eLearning, is estimated to reach a value of $12.2 billion by 2017(Source: Also, by 2017, India is expected to be one of the top buyers of eLearning and mobile learning services. There never has been a better time to take advantage of this flexible method of learning and improve your education, right from the comfort of your home.

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5 Ways To Outperform In The MBA Entrance Test

If you are interested in a Master’s in Business Administration degree, popularly known as the MBA, you should be well armed with a good preparation that will help you crack that tough nut. Because MBA is the most sought after career option these days, young adults who have passed out of college, aspire to have a degree from the fabled IIMs or the Indian Institute of Management.

But things are not half as easy! It takes a good regimen and a whole lot of preparation that will enable you to get one. Although the methods of preparation are fast changing, there are several fool proof ways of scaling the heights of corporate greatness. You can enlist the help of eLearning websites and other mobile learning platforms to secure a bright start to your career.

Also, with a good knowledge of the subject with some excellent skills and memory power, you should be able to plan methodically and implement regular learning. Here is a list of 5 essential things that you need to keep in mind when preparing for the MBA entrance cracker!

Undergo several self-assessments if possible: It is crucial that you undertake pressure tests to understand whether you are suited for managerial tasks. You should be able to solve conceptual questions that are far removed from rote learning and theory. As an MBA aspirant, you should know well, whether you have the speed, accuracy and the ability to problem solve these problems and in the first place you are suited for such a role.

Take as many practice tests as possible: Cracking an MBA test is all about practice and more practice. Take as many mock tests as possible and solve all topics to understand where you stand and how much preparation is required.

Stay abreast with all topics: Crucial in cracking an MBA entrance is that you have to have a multidisciplinary approach toward test taking. For most of us, science and mathematics along with quantitative ability takes Centre stage in MBA tests. The fact remains, as a test taker, you need to put equal emphasis on science, history, geography, logical reasoning, economics and politics. You also need to hone your skills on general knowledge and overall awareness as well.

Increase comprehension skills: MBA tests have a very important segment that includes test comprehension. You need to do involve yourself in rapid reading and also have a quick grasping methodology which enables you to remember.

Speed and temperament is key: As a test taker, you should engage in activities and stay calm and focused. This enables you to take off the pressure and keep aim. Experts in the management field will tell you how it is imperative to have a temperament that is relaxed and focused.

Finally, the degree of error should be very low. As an MBA aspirant, you need to have a high degree of accuracy. This not just involves the speed of answering questions, but also the fact that it requires a very high percentage of accuracy in answers! So, keep your spirits high and try on till the end of the wires!

6 Online Tutoring Methods That You Need To Try Now!
5 Ways To Outperform In The MBA Entrance Test