Knowledge is power. This is in no way an over statement. While hard work is believed to be the key to success, knowledge definitely is tool that is necessary to use this key efficiently. Besides, today`s professional sector expects more of smart work than hard work. With the right knowledge and skills sky can be the limit for you.

It is impossible for the working class to give up their current jobs, or take a break from work and enroll in regular college program, thus online education programs have been devised. Although online education programs are benefiting various types of academic and professional crowds, we would like to share with you about the pros of choosing e-education programs taught through social platforms for working professionals.

You have the liberty to take up classes as per your convenience. This is the biggest advantage that online education programs have to offer to a working professional. There was a time when job hours were constant but now we commonly observe that we are not always able to leave office at one set time.

Many professionals encounter stress of not being able to reach classes on time because of work pressure. They feel frustrated because they are unable to make use of the class for which they had paid for. This is where a social learning platform for education brings in a lot of hope. Once you have paid for the course you can attend a class as and when you are ready. Such a freedom allows a relaxed learning experience.

When you choose a social platform for education you get the opportunity to learn the fast way! Contrary to in situ education programs where you have to wait each day to learn something new you can go through the online courses at a speed that you are comfortable with. There are many platforms which allow the candidate to finish a course and appear for examination as and when they are ready. For example, if you aspire to be an English language teacher and you have enrolled for a 3 months online course; you may have the liberty to finish studying the course within a month and appear for the exam. Online courses related to management studies often come with this liberty. This is not possible in regular course programs. Here is more information on online course in India using social platform.
Courses conducted by social platforms are far more economical than those offered at regular colleges and institutes. You save yourself from having to pay infrastructure fee. You will be paying only for what you shall be receiving – knowledge. Apart from a steep amount that you shall be saving on the tuition fee, you will also save money and time that you would have to spend otherwise on transportation.

Many academicians debate about the environmental disadvantages of online courses. Well, it is not always a lonely affair. But today a platform like MyEdge brings together students taking up common courses online so that they can actively discuss about the topics and exchange knowledge. It can be as fun as useful it shall prove to be.


by Jagvir Goyal


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