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Getting an ‘MBA’ became a rage amongst the youth of this nation around a decade ago and the craze still continues. MBA provided a new promising career opportunity to students, who earlier had just engineering and medical careers to look up to. With MBA graduates bagging some never heard before packages and plum international opportunities, its popularity suddenly took the nation by storm and every storm has its aftermath. In this case, the aftermath was a large section of college grads from every stream, fighting for a few hundred IIM seats. This led to mushrooming of B-schools across the country of varying quality.

To create a new generation of A-Grade management pros, IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) conduct CAT (Common Admission Test) as a pre-requisite followed by Group Discussions (GDs) and rigorous interviews for admission to its various management programmes. Therefore CAT, for obvious reasons, is one of the toughest entrance examinations to crack!

Cracking CAT is the sole ambition of many youngsters who belong to varied backgrounds such as Engineering, Economics, Medicine, Civil Services, Commerce etc. Some may believe that cracking CAT is extremely difficult, which as per our analysis and in our experts opinion, it isn’t!

Valuable Tips for Cracking The Common Aptitude Test (CAT)

Strengthen Your Foundation – As basic it may sound but its relevance never fades. The strength of your foundation is directly proportionate to your success in CAT. As per MyEdge experts, students who master the basic fundamentals are able to correctly solve the questions much faster.

Take Mock Tests–Practice makes one perfect and it’s the case in CAT too. Once you generate the knack of solving mock test, you will start improvising and will get a fair idea of the patterns and format of the CAT papers.

Target your Weaknesses and Master Them–Shying away from your weaknesses will only add on to your troubles. Primary step which you have to take while preparing for CAT is to single out your weak points and start working on them till the time they become your strengths!

Make a Study Buddy –As the saying goes, the more the merrier! As per a recent research, if an aspirant studies with likeminded students who are equally serious about CAT, the probability of them retaining what they have learned increases manifold. Try making a STUDY BUDDY at and witness the change in yourself.

Interact with the Experts–The easiest way to imbibe expertise is to interact with the experts. At MyEdge, you can interact with MyEdge Xperts, mentors, IIM Grads and other CAT aspirants. You can learn from their vast pool of knowledge and experience, which can be phenomenally valuable in cracking CAT.

Avoid Anxiety – Anxiety is the mother of all glitches. An anxious mind cannot perform to its full potential and therefore, you need a calm and composed intellect while appearing for CAT. Trick is to treat the CAT entrance as just another mock test and you’ll be absolutely fine!

A fact which might encourage you to some extent is that since 2007, the competition in the CAT has dropped significantly! Have a look at the numbers –


Source: Wikipedia –

It might sound like a cliché when we say ‘believe in yourself’ but every single bit of this phrase is true in context to CAT. Have faith in your abilities, but before that, give yourself a reason to have faith in yourself! Practice without any compromise and don’t let any qualms overshadow your preparation.. Soon, MyEdge will share relevant study material, expert tips and updates related to CAT and other B-School entrance examinations for its members. So, stay connected!

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Clearing CAT is Not as Tough as it Looks