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Teen’s age is the most erratic and impulsive age where they are enveloped with stress, dilemma and frustration about studies. Imposing your decision on teens might compel them to form an intimidating impression about you.

At this juncture, it is imperative to handle the situation meticulously by adopting tools to help your child tackle the academic & non-academic stress effectively and guide them to fulfill their dreams & objectives.

Parents should refrain from exercising a daunting attitude on teens and rather get into a light & friendly conversation to solicit thoughts on how the stress can be managed. Remember no two students are the same.

Ask them about what they want to achieve in life and which domain their interest lies in?  Try not to get on their nerves while talking about studies and give them enough time and space to make their own decisions.

When your teen shows interest in a certain subject, try to do an exhaustive research so as to enlighten your child about the scope and future prospects in terms of professional career. At times, as a consequence of perplexity, teens chart interesting career options but fail to choose the most perfect one. Here lies the supportive role of parents. Help your teens choose a perfect path by listing down his choices with pros and cons and asking him to peter out the choices to an extent.

At MyEdge, our constant endeavor is towards bridging the communication gap between parents and children. We use latest technological innovations to do that. Here are some ways of eradicating the communication barrier between you and your child:

Track Your Child’s Performance

Teenagers often dislike being questioned about their academic progress, even if they have an above average performance academically. Further, teens tend to spend a lot of their productive time on internet accessing social networking websites which prove to be counterproductive. Encourage your child to become part of Social Learning Websites such as, which provides access to the best of teachers & peers from across the world in addition to thousands of free learning material such as notes, videos, links shared. There is also some entertainment quotient for our student members in terms of motivational quotes, articles, thoughts and videos in order to make them glued to our website.

The website provides a facility to track your child’s performance by being in constant touch with the faculty, receive circulars/notices, and obtain regular updates on your child’s activity.

Show Off Your Kid’s Talent

Most of the times, parents forget to showcase their child’s talent to the world. Based on our member feedback, we know that teens feel very proud when their parents brag about them to other. On MyEdge, you can show off your child’s talent, academic ambitions, areas of interest and much more.

Get Assistance from Other Parents and Teachers

On MyEdge, you can connect with other parents and our expert faculty members. You can ask questions, start a discussion and take part in various conversations which can help you in understanding the teenage psychology much better. You can also ask other members about their experience of an educational institute (school/college/university etc) or reference material (such as books/notes etc)

Sponsor a Virtual Class

You can sponsor a Virtual Class for your child, where he/she can connect with the renowned teachers at MyEdge and learn from their experience. Virtual Class is being globally recognized as one of the best technological advancements in the field of education and is expected to transform the way learning is imparted & received!

You can try out the virtual class by signing up as a member now:

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How Parents Should Talk To Teenagers About Studies