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In the current era, evolution has donned its racing shoes and every aspect of society is evolving at speed so rapid that sometimes, it becomes hard to keep a track. Just like every other aspect, one of the most important facets of our society, education, is also at its progressive best. Needless to say, education is the sole reason we have reached so far in the journey we call evolution. Every technology we relish, every facility we bliss over, is an outcome of the world’s educative advancement.

As mentioned, like every game changing aspect of civilization, even education has evolved over centuries with specific reference to modernisation of pedagogical methods. In order to minimize the wastage of time & resources and to maximise the impact of teaching, here are some of the latest and upcoming Pedagogy methods that’ll change the face of education forever.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

MOOCs are online courses that are designed to encourage unlimited participation of students via internet. The courses are mostly free of cost or charge nominal fees. MOOCs are expected to efficiently bridge the gap between demand and supply of quality education in developing countries with growing population such as China, India, Russia etc. These courses are designed and taught through various means which include video feeds, notes, animated problems and online forum discussions.

It can be a little challenging for faculty members to embrace such technology based teaching methods without undergoing a formal training program. Therefore typically, a teacher who has taught physically throughout his/her career needs to undergo training before taking up a MOOC program. Further, unlike traditional courses, MOOCs require additional skillsets, provided by videographers, instructional designers, IT specialists and platform specialists in addition to the skills and knowledge of a teacher.

Audio Visuals

A scientifically proven and globally accepted fact is – what we see and hear gets absorbed much faster by our brain in comparison to what we read. To capitalize on this, a high percentage of forward looking educators across the world have started using Audio-Visual teaching tools instead of conventional textbooks. Being an interesting way of teaching and learning, its popularity has increased significantly amongst the academic fraternity. A number of independent studies have also vindicated the high cost associated with developing such learning tools in terms of its increased positive impact on the learners.

3D Printed Models

A number of global experts and scientists have termed 3D Printer as the most fruitful invention of the 21st Century! By utilizing this technology, models and diaphragms can be explained much more efficiently to the students resulting in better and quicker grasping of theories and concepts. This technology has significantly increased the speed and ease of generating 3D models. Certainly, further enhancement of such technologies in the future will make teaching and learning more advanced.

Virtual Classes

A virtual class isn’t just a concept; it is the future of education. The virtual class is an online learning environment which is loaded with wide array of features. Through a virtual class, students from any part of the world can get in touch with the A-Class faculty and learn. This unique and innovative tool is expected to break the shackles of distance, time, quality and affordability. Click here to read more –

The new methods of pedagogy are designed to revolutionise the learning & education sector forever. Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot adapt to the “ways of the future” will have to take a backseat and witness others excel, unless of course a concerted effort is made to learn and adopt latest tools and techniques in teaching to maintain your edge over others.

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