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By Sushma Goyal

Summer vacations are here and these are generally the happiest period of a student’s life. They get respite from their hectic schedule and rejuvenate during this long vacation. However, it’s bound to happen that some kid, at some point in time, will utter the words, – “I am bored!!!”. Well, there is no time like the present to start planning a summer filled with boredom busting fun. You, as a parent, can help them engage so many productive as well as fun-filled ways, let’s take a look at a few:

  1. Co-curricular/ Developmental activities – The easiest ones to figure out, these can range from painting, dancing, theatre, vocal music or even introduction to a new musical instrument. Ask your child what interests him or her. You can hire a Home tutor and get him some expert help so that his time gets utilized productively.
  2. Sports – Kids can also pursue a sport of their interest; outdoor sports for the cool evenings like gymnastics, cricket, volleyball, badminton and indoor sports for the sultry afternoons like Chess, Carrom, Ludo amongst others
  3. Cooking – Let your child learn some fire-free cooking like making a sandwich or a sundae. This helps them connect with the food they eat and also, appreciate different ingredients. Cooking is a therapy in its own for inquisitive minds.
  4. Academics – Though Summer Vacation is meant for fun, however this is also a time when the year’s syllabus can be completed and the child can be given a head-start for the upcoming academic session. It would be beneficial to hire a Home tutor for an hour and help him stay in touch with his studies, from the comfort of the home.
  5. Scientific Puzzles – Children learn the best when it’s play-on experiential learning. Get them some puzzles or Activity kits like Genius Box to solve and learn new concepts every day in a fun environment. For younger kids, an adult or a tutor can help them understand a puzzle and help them solve
  6. Get in touch with Nature – Help your children plant a tree or grow a flower. Let them spend some time with Mother Nature. Ask them to keep a bowl of water and a bird feeder for birds. Not only do they learn kindness, but also get to learn about different bird species.
  7. Foreign Languages – One language is never enough. Encourage your child to learn a new language like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French or German. Help them self-study or hire a tutor – either way this is the right age to learn a new language.
  8. Household Chores – Involve your kids in simple household tasks like making their own bed, keeping their room tidy or washing their bicycle. This will help them become self-reliable and value their helpers.
  9. Family Bonds – Summer is the perfect time to visit grandparents, relatives, cousins and get spoilt. Let the child bond with the family; not only will this inculcate a spirit of togetherness, but also helps them care for their elders.
  10. Reading & Writing Skills – Kids love to know new things and hear new stories. Inculcate a habit of reading books, give them a print-rich environment. Advertise the books you want them to read. Also, encourage them to write their own stories. Who knows, he/she may be the next Ruskin Bond?



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Sushma is a Parent registered with us. She has been writing articles for the past 15 years and is a regular contributor to some of the most prominent parenting publications across the country. A Masters in English and B.Ed, she understands the child's psychology very well.
Activity Guide for Summer Vacations