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The season of bliss is here! After a hectic year, this is the time when kids have the license to relax and chill out and why not! No exams and no early morning rides to school… This is truly the favorite season of kids. The summer holidays are extremely important for a student. It gives them time to unwind and enjoy life without worrying about the future. However, there are some drawbacks of the long summer break too!

Most of the kids have a simple agenda for summer, they just want to sleep, watch T.V, play video games and chit chat with their friends in the evening. This slothful routine makes them indolent and hampers their cerebral development. After such a bad routine, kids face a real hard time getting their concentration back after the school reopens. So what should they do? Should they stop having fun and follow the school routine? Absolutely not! Here are some really helpful summer activities that’ll maximize your child’s summer break:

  1. Pick up a Physical Sport: Not every kid in this country can become Sachin, Dhonior Virat, but there’s no harm in becoming P.V. Sindhu, Vijender Singh or Sunil Chetri either! Just let them pick up a sport if they haven’t already and help them become good at it. Even if they don’t plan to be a professional player, there’s no harm in taking up a sport as there are two major advantages of it. 1) They’ll stay fit. 2) If they become good at any sport, they get the benefit of sports quota while taking admission in some of the sought after colleges and universities.
  2. Attend Hobby Class: Apart from sports, it’s important for a kid to have a hobby, such as painting, music, theatres, etc. Hobby classes are the best way to ensure your kid’s holistic mental development. Just try exploring their hidden talent and who knows, maybe one day the world might witness it! Just open WONK, search tutors for your favorite hobby and book them instantly!
  3. Learn a new language: India is full of bilingual and trilingual people as most of us can speak and read English, Hindi and our mother tongue. Some studies say that learning a new language is easier for Indians in comparison to folks from other nations. Summer break is an excellent time to learn a foreign language. You can always search for foreign language tutors in your locality on WONK App and book them instantly. Best part is that it’ll take you less than a minute to do that!
  4. Prepare for the Academic Session: Although summer is a time to take a break, you should make sure that your kids don’t get completely out of touch with their course. New academic year introduces bigger challenges and if these challenges are ignored in the initial stage, it can become pretty difficult for the kid to cope up later. Starting preparation for the ongoing academic session in summer break lays perfect foundation for the rest of the year as the basics of all major subjects get cleared during this period. You must be thinking how will your child manage to go to a tutor in this heat? Don’t worry, WONK is at your service! You can search for the BEST HOME TUTORS in your locality on WONK App and book them instantly. Not just that, you can book a Free Demo Class through WONK before hiring a Tutor!


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