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Why do we visit a doctor? Why can’t we just take over the counter pills for every disease or disorder? You’re right, this isn’t a medical blog but what we’re trying to convey is that when we know that common pills might not be suited for every individual, why do we assume that common career options will fit the bill?

When we talk about students, every student has unique needs that need to be addressed individually by qualified experts who have at least a decade+ experience in advising and mentoring students. In the modern-day world, all the students are bombarded with loads of unverified information on social media on how to choose a particular stream in Class XI or how to decide between an IB vs CBSE school or choosing a foreign country/university for pursuing higher education. All of these extremely important decisions can have a major impact on your career & life in general and therefore should not be made without professional consultation. Whilsta good decision can set them on a brighter path for the rest of their life, a single bad decision can jeopardize their entire future.

Now when we say ‘Mentor’ we don’t mean a counselor. It is important for all to understand that a mentor’s role is much grander in comparison to that of a plain student/career counselor, most of them with vested interests to place student in a foreign university & earn commission.  A good student mentor will do much more than just telling you what job to do in the future. A mentor’s role is to diagnose a student’s interests & capabilities in order to identify the optimal opportunities for building a bright & hugely successful career. Only a good mentor can give a child confidence and aptitude to face any challenge he/she may face in future.

At WONK App, India’s largest expert tutor & activity booking app, we have one thumb rule which we follow in everything we do and that is to help students& parents in achieving highest feats in their life by providing them the access to the BEST resources which could be tutors, mentors, worksheets, mock tests etc. and this time, we have gone a step further! WONK has tied up with India’s BIGGEST Celebrity Student Mentor, Malini Sen. You all must have readher articles in Education Times as Malini was the first National Editor of this education supplement of The Times of India which incidentally is India’s largest education supplement.

If we speak about her marvelous career and her unparalleled accomplishments in the education & mentoring sector, we’ll have to publish a separate eBook for it! But here are some key highlights of her career that shows the magnitude of her experience. Malini assisted and reported for The Times of India’s high profile Teach India campaign and played a key role in shaping the Times Scholar program. She also launched Mission Admission for the group, organizing counseling seminars before college admissions. She also launched two hugely popular books with Times Group Books on education – Times Higher Education and Times Study Abroad.

Malini brings with her a plethora of knowledge about education and careers, which she congregated over her three decade long career in this field. With her profound knowledge and expertise, she can help you with any career related issue, including:


  • Choosing a course, college/university and career
  • Identifying and analyzing student’s aptitude and interests
  • Addressing all major and minor parenting concerns about child’s career & education
  • Preparing a student for all possible challenges in the future and introducing them a wide array of opportunities

After shaping up innumerous careers across the globe, she is now exclusively available on WONK where parents, students, tutors and even working professionals can seek her guidance in a one on one session, where Malini Sen will interact with you through Skype and address your concerns personally. You can give us a Missed Call on 8080805225 or Download WONK from Playstore to book your slot. Please note that we have limited slots available which are filing up fast, so do hurry up and book your slot TODAY!

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