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All work and no play will make Bittu a dull boy; but all play and no work will also make him careless! So what’s the solution here? How can we make the most out of Bittu’s summer holidays? Don’t stress out over it, we have just perfect solution for all the parents! We present to you ‘Genius Box Activity Kits and Educational Toys’. You can visit our Facebook Shop here:

Genius Box is a library of innovative and age-appropriate activity kits created for children between the age group of 2-10. Genius Box activity kits are designed to encourage creativity and curiosity through experiential play and hands-on exploration. Each Genius Box Activity Kit contains a range of interesting activities that comprise of science projects, art & craft, puzzles, math concepts, environmental projects, physical manipulative, learning books and board games. All materials, tools and step-by-step instructions for each activity are provided within the kits, so that children can create, explore, play and learn with ease. Genius Box’s expert panel of child development professionals, creative writers and product designers ensure that all Genius Box kits cater to the key developmental areas of the child.

Here are some top selling Genius Box Activity Kits. Did we forget to mention that we offer you a ‘BEST PRICE GUARANTEE’ at our Facebook Shop! Have a look:

  1. Amazing Animals Activity Kit

Amazing animals is a great learning theme to help children explore and learn about animals around the world. The games and activities will give your child an opportunity to learn about animals homes, sounds, habits and habitats. The ideas and tools are focused on developing their cognitive and critical thinking abilities as well as foster their creative and artistic expression. All activity materials, tools and step-by-step instructions, are included in the kit to bring each activity to life. Genius box kits are designed to enrich and stimulate young minds and aid overall personality development for children. The kits consist of innovative art and craft activities, science projects, learning books, math concepts, environmental projects, puzzles, physical manipulatives and board games. We believe that playing is the best form of learning. Our mission is to build crucial skills, inculcate fearless learning and build a strong foundation through play activities, in the formative years of childhood.


  1. Discovering Dinosaurs Activity Kit

The Genius Box “Discovering Dinosaurs” kit is packed with 8 engaging activities to inspire and educate children. This kit includes : ‘Save the Dinosaurs’ Board Game, a challenging 9 piece Cube Puzzle with 6 puzzles in 1, a Dinosaur Sorting Fun Activity, an Awesome Dinosaurs book, a Dinosaur Spiky Hat Activity, a Dinosaur Tail Activity, a Dinosaur Feet Activity, a Dinosaur Head Activity and a Dinosaur Tracker Certificate.



  1. Feathered Friends Activity Kit

Birds fascinate children in a way that other animals can’t they can fly. Feathered friends, as a theme, gives young explorers a great opportunity to identify different kinds of birds, observe, understand and compare their structure, environment, behavior and habitats as well as foster compassion for other living beings. The challenging activities are designed to help children explore the world of these winged creatures, while fostering crucial skills like critical thinking, creativity and imagination, language development, fine and gross motor ability and social skills.


  1. Magical Colors Activity Kit

Color is one of the first mediums through which children observe and categories the world around them. Magical colors is a great learning theme to introduce children to the world of colors, patterns and shades. The activities will give your child an opportunity to get creative with an array of hues.



  1. Nature Explorer Activity Kit

‘Nature Explorer’ is packed with hands-on activities for children to get an understanding of the natural world, plants and the life around it. The ideas and tools will encourage to investigate the botanical world of plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits and help children to become better scientific observers. The theme will also build awareness about nature and respect for our environment, while addressing some key developmental areas like critical thinking, focus and concentration, observation, sensory and motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive development.


  1. Planes & Rocket Activity Kit

Things that can fly fascinate children and Genius Box ‘Planes and Rockets’ kit will further spark children’s curiosity in aviation and foster their interest in aeronautics. The kit is packed with hands-on S.T.E.M. activities and games for children to learn about aircraft from past like gliders and airship to the amazing flying machines of today, such as fighter jets, space shuttles, drones and much more. The theme will introduce basic principles of propulsion, aerodynamics and space travel.


  1. Sea Life Activity Kit

Sea Life takes your child on an underwater journey through marine world and along the way they will encounter some of the most incredible sea animals, including the spiny pufferfish, huge sharks, massive whale, enigmatic stingrays, jellyfish, seahorses, octopus, shelled crabs and much more. The ideas and tools of the activities will encourage young explorers to discover the wonders of underwater world. The theme will also build some key developmental areas like critical thinking, cognitive development, sensory play, motor skills, organizing, structuring, visual processing, imagination and creativity.


  1. World Wonders Activity Kit

World wonders is a great learning experience for children to understand geography, continents and countries, as well as explore various landmarks in India and around the world. The ideas and tools are designed to enhance their general knowledge and world awareness. The engrossing games and activities are focused on developing their cognitive and critical thinking abilities.


Child’s brain is twice as active, as that of an adult’s, during the first 6 years of their life. In these formative years they actively seek knowledge. Their natural inquisitiveness and spontaneity to learn must be nurtured, as it lays the foundation for all learning in later years. Genius Box kits help in developing important skills and learning that encourage children to communicate, share, play and learn naturally.


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