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By MyEdge

The brave heart soldiers of our nation leave their families behind and spend a major portion of their lives safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation. Not only our soldiers but their families also sacrifice a lot for the nation and they equally deserve respect and gratitude from us in return.

Thereby, we as a society need to come together for them who currently serve or have had served the Indian Armed Forces. Our little acts of compassion can definitely boost their morale and make them feel that they are not alone in the warzone; we all are in this together.

To do our bit for the welfare of Military Families, We at WONK have ‘ONE NATION ONE LOVE’ Campaign, where we are waiving 50% of the tuition fee of the students belonging to families of current and ex-armed forces personnel.

In this season of love when the world is busy showcasing their love to their partners, let’s bring a change and show our love for our soldiers and their families as they deserve our love and compassion too.  

Give us a missed call on 8080805225 to know further about the campaign and share this post to spread awareness about this noble campaign.

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One Nation One Love – A Valentine’s Day Gift for Soldiers’ Family