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Five simple tips for parents to help their children de-stress and relax this winter break.

A Christmas vacation is such a breather, it’s a time when everyone is busy wrapping up the year and making time for family reunions, get-togethers, presents and planning delicious menus, holidays and parties.

While it is a welcome pause for many, it’s a time for students who’re preparing for their pre-boards to also give themselves a little breathing space.

Even though a Christmas break is a short one, parents can help their children maximise on this mini vacation. Vidhu Goyal, Founder of WONK, a Tutor booking app and a mother herself shares some tips:

  1. Time management

Balancing school, tuitions and extracurricular activities can get overwhelming for the students. This winter break, try not pressurising your child to study a whole lot of subjects. Owing to a short duration of this vacation, it can get too much to handle for them, instead, just make sure they focus on only one or two subjects which they think need a revision for.

  1. Stress management

Stress becomes an integral part of a student’s life especially when they’re preparing for their pre-boards and entrance exams. Let the child have some free time to enjoy some activities such as painting, readin other than studie. Even an evening stroll in the garden, some extra nap times and some simple deep breathing exercises can be of great help for them to deal with the stress of studying.

  1. Curriculum management

Prioritising their subjects is very important for a student. If your child feels that she needs more practice with her science diagrams or math problems, let her focus on that in stead of trying to cover the entire portion. Talk to the home tutor if they can help out with a couple of practice sessions during the break.

  1. Health management

This winter break treat your child to their favourite dishes but with a health quotient of course. While they may want to binge on pakodas, see that they go for regular evening walks or play sports to keep their fitness levels up. Too much of fried and oily foods are delicious and tempting during winters, but if you could replace them with hearty soups and broths, bakes and roasts that would be ideal.

  1. Reward yourself

Last but not the least, please make sure your child gets to reward herself this winter break. While as parents we need to take it easy, it’s equally important for us to teach our children to take it easy as too much of stress at a young age is not good for them. So after they’re done with their revision, let them reward themselves by going to a party, buying a dress or watching their favorite movie with their friends.


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5 ways to maximise your Christmas/ Winter break