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Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self esteem so high, that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry.”  – Alvin Price. As parents, we do everything in our power and beyond to prepare our children for the oh-so-competitive world. We try and give them the best education, best nutrition and best of everything there is to give, but there’s something we can’t buy and gift wrap it for our child and that thing is their self-confidence. Every success story in this world has been laid on the foundation of self-confidence and self belief. So we gathered some insight from the experts and parents and compiled 5 best ways to build self-confidence in your child. Here they are:

  1. Well Done! Is a magical statement – At young age, children are pure at heart and most of them are just hungry for your attention. While growing up, children often try to impress you with their small innocent actions. It takes a few seconds to say ‘well done’ or ‘bravo’ but these words of acclamation mean a lot to the kids. Most importantly, it boosts up their morale and elevates their self-confidence . Give praise where praise is due, especially when it comes to children. Next time when you go to a restaurant, tell your kid to order something for you from the menu and then congratulate him/her on their choice. The bliss on their face will say it all!
  2. Teach them to Bounce Back – Life is not all rainbows & sunshine, we all know that very well don’t we? What we often fail to fathom is that our children have to learn from their experiences too. When a child fails at something, that’s when his/her self-confidence takes a major hit. Only thing that can help them in bouncing back is our love and unconditional trust in them. We should learn to deal with their failures before them and then only we can install the ‘never give up’ attitude in them. Like Rocky Balboa says, “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward.
  3. Keep negative company at bay – Every parent has to take the tough decision of leaving their kid with the company of unfamiliar people. Shy kids are vulnerable to bullying and school and playgrounds are the hot spots for bullies. Bullying can put a very negative impact on child’s self-confidence and it can even hinder their growth. Not only bullies, some teachers who mentally harass the kids are equally dangerous. When a kid goes to school and when he/ she goes out to play, we have to put a special eye on their company and stop them from getting in contact with any kind of negative company. When it comes to coaching classes and tuitions, the best way to keep your child safe is to find a trusted tutor or better, find a home tutor. Just like thousands of parents, you can always use WONK to find trusted tutors in your vicinity.
  4. Give importance to sports – Sports play a major role in the overall development of a child. A fit body and sharp mind are two chief benefits of sports, but apart from them, there are some other vital things that a child learns on a playground, such as teamwork, accepting defeat, respecting competitor and decision making. It is not necessary that your child follows the footsteps of M.S. Dhoni or Sania Mirza, what important is that your child should stay fit coz healthy body = healthy mind and healthy mind = confident child.
  5. Foster their passion – The most important part, which almost every parent believes in today’s modern time, is to discover and foster child’s passion. Discovering your child’s true calling is a long process. During this process, there will be lots of ups and downs but persistence and focus will help the children get through this journey and find their true inclination. When a child follows his/her passion, their confidence is at its peak, which brings the best out of them. To help them excel in their field of interest, you can search for tutors or coaches of various streams on WONK, be it music, sports, painting, dance, acting, etc. the list is endless!

A young kid is a mirror image of his/her parents and therefore, it’s extremely important for you to imbibe self-confidence in yourself before teaching its importance to your kids. Always remember, you are the first teacher of your child. So be confident and spend some quality time with your kid. You can save a major chunk of your time you usually spend on searching tutors and then dropping & picking up your kid from one tuition to another. WONK is always there to help you with that.

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5 Ways to Build Self-Confidence in Your Child