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The first day of an academic year is always exciting especially with all the butterflies in your stomach. This is your chance to leave everything behind and make a fresh start. Let us help you with some great tips to get yourself organized and kick start your new academic year:

1. Make a Proper Plan

Organize your things in advance. Check whether you’ve arranged everything – from new books, notebooks, pens, pencils to erasers, online course material and even tutors for those subjects in which you require assistance.

2. Make a New Study plan

A new academic year provides an opportunity to establish a new way of planning your studies by applying learnings from last year. Be sure to include the study methods that helped you in previous years and ditch the ones that didn’t work out. New academic year means new subjects and activities, so effectively plan to ensure success.

3. Join Student Study Groups

Forming a study group is always a great idea, particularly, when you are not accustomed with your new subjects. Sharing ideas and information with peers is a great way to expand your knowledge on a particular subject. You can log onto, India’s largest social learning platform and join various study groups as student. In addition, you can make use of tools such as LIVErary and Virtual classrooms to further enhance your learning.

4. Don’t Miss Out on Extracurricular Activities

New academic year brings fresh opportunities for taking up exciting extra-curricular activities. Engage in sports, music, dancing or other activities as per your predisposition. Participating in such activities will nurture your overall wellbeing and maintain a balance in your life. According to a report by National Center for Education Statistics, “these activities offer opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition, diversity, and a sense of culture and community.”

5. Bunking is a big No-No

Resist the temptation to turn your alarm off and skip early morning classes. Attending classes is always better than copying notes from your peers. This way you’ll have a better understanding of the subject & concepts. You will also have the chance to clarify your doubts with the teacher directly.

Last but not the least, book yourself the best tutor at the beginning of your academic year. Book a tutor today with WONK, India’s first Tutor Discovery & Tuition Booking App. You can choose from a wide range of quality tutors available on the app. Download this app today and get started right away! The sooner you start, the easier it becomes for you to adjust to the challenges that come with a new session. We wish you all the luck in meeting your objectives & achieving the desired results.

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Great Tips to Kick Start Your Academic Year