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In a globalized world, learning a second language has immense benefits. Not only it helps you connect with people of different cultures but also opens up a myriad of career opportunities. Knowledge of a second language is one of those rare skills that can set your resume apart from others.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how learning a second language can help you move up the career ladder swiftly –

1. Career Opportunities

Central & state government departments recruit translators and interpreters for various roles in India & foreign missions. Further, if you have majored in a particular literature, then knowing a second language can get you a position in a publishing house as a tr anslator. Museums and art galleries are always on the lookout for candidates who can speak different languages. If you’re a student of history, cultural studies and anthropology then knowing a second language will expand your research options.

2. Access to Other Cultures

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”

Rita Mae Brown

Language gives you direct access to the culture of a place. Speaking and reading a new language helps you communicate with people and understand the uniqueness of their culture. In today’s corporate world, businesses no longer stay in one place; even smaller companies have offices (or home offices) located in different parts of the globe. A culturally diverse team has many advantages but it also comes with managerial challenges. To cope with such challenges, companies are increasingly looking for people who have skills, knowledge and competencies to manage team members who speak multiple languages.

3. Dealing with International Clients

Organisations that deal with foreign clients on a regular basis, value bilingual candidates. They prefer people who can communicate with clients in their mother tongue. Multilingual candidates are also valued by companies that are entering a new market. Knowledge of the target market language helps in effective understanding of the customer preferences & nuances.

4. Improves your Skills in Your First Language

According to author Geoffrey Willans, “ You can never understand one language until you understand at least two”.

Learning a second language improves your first language also. As you focus on the mechanics of the second language, it makes you conscious of the way your native language works.

5. Improves multitasking abilities

Switching between two languages improves your cognitive skills. This boosts your brain performance and helps you deal with multiple tasks simultaneously. According to a research published in The Journal of Neuroscience, bilingual people can switch between tasks faster than monolinguals.

6. Improves Creativity

Learning a second language diversifies your thinking process. This helps you nurture skills such as fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration. A study led by Dr. Fraser Lauchlan, honorary lecturer at the University of Strathclyde’s School of Psychological Sciences and Health, found out that bilingual children are great creative thinkers than their monolingual counterparts.

7. Improves Cognitive Skills

Learning a second language boosts your brain activity. According to a study conducted by the National Education Association, the students who learned a second language have highest cognitive skills and performed better than others.

We hope that the above 7 pointers will help you understand how a second language can open up endless possibilities for you. If you are looking for fast paced career growth, then learning a new language can definitely help you get an extra edge over others. If you are looking to learn a second language, then you can download WONK: India’s first tutor booking app from Google PlayStore. You can view and book best language tutors near your locality. Happy Learning!

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7 Reasons why Learning a Second Language can Boost Your Career