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In a research in 2016, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, New Castle University found that after-school activities significantly improve a child’s academic performance and enhanced social skills. Kids might love their afternoon TV cartoon series but as parents it’s your responsibility to encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities. In this blog, we’ve jotted down 5 fun after-school activities that can help in holistic development of your child.

1. Play Board Games

A game of scrabble or chess can develop focus in a child. In his book, Child Development: A Practitioner’s Guide, author Douglas Davies mentions that playing chess can help a child develop problem-solving skills. Checkers is yet another fun strategic board game that can help your child learn strategies. Playing board games can also help them in learning to accept disappointments in life. They can realise that it is not about winning always but, learning the winning strategy.

2. Recycle Old objects

Have an old box of cereal lying in your kitchen corner? Ask your child to turn it into something new. Creating masks out of cardboard boxes is a fun way of learning useful hand skills. Ask your child to paint old glass bottles, once done you can use them as flower vases. All of these activities will boost your child’s creative skills.

3. Drama Clubs

If your child loves singing and has decent acting skills, then make him/her the member of a drama club. According to a report by Tülay Üstündağ, Faculty of Education at Hacettepe University, participating in drama/ theater helps children to learn how to influence others. They gain social skills by putting themselves in other’s shoes. Your child will also learn how to express their emotions and feelings.

4. Learn a Musical Instrument

Practicing musical instruments improves motor and visual skills. In his book, Music in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Encyclopedia, author William Forde Thompson mentions that the auditory and motor systems are closely associated. When a child plays a musical instrument, his/her sensory and motor systems interact leading to the overall personality development of the child.

5. Join Art Workshops

Children will learn looking at art and design from a new perspective. Such workshops aren’t about typical paint and sketches assignments, instead they encourage kids to learn about art, design and world-famous artists.

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5 Best After School Activities For Children