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Physics is the core of science as a subject. If you master this subject, you are in for some exciting times scaling greater heights of academic excellence each passing day! It is a subject that enthralls and creates wonders in young minds. To excel in the subject, we believe the following 6 mantras should prove to be extremely useful.

1. Mastering the basics is necessary:

One of the easiest ways of learning physics is to master the basic theories. Learning the basic laws will help you in solving complex problems later on in the advanced stages. Even better, create a graphical mind map that includes an overview of all the concepts and relate them to the complex problems. Create the map on a piece of paper and follow it thoroughly to obtain a deep understanding of the subject.

2. Simplification is a Key Rule:

Physics is a very difficult subject for rote, but once simplified, turns out to be one of the most interesting & high scoring subjects. There will be times when you will face tough problems, in such scenarios remember to break it into simpler smaller components. This opens up different strategies that you can apply to solve the problem quickly and effectively!

3. Create Flashcards:

When you are going through various topics, jot down the new words/concepts you come across, the principles and laws to create flashcards. You can use these cards for quick revision and keep on reviewing them in your free time. These flashcards also come in handy when you are facing difficulty in solving a problem. So, remember to keep them ready all the time!

4. Make Math Your Strength:

Mathematics is the building block of Physics”, very well said by Sir Albert Einstein. In order to understand physics well and to excel at it, you need to build a very strong foundation in maths. At the University of Leeds, in the UK, researchers found how students with better grades in mathematics often did far better in physics than those who did not fare well in this subject! It is a direct relationship and you need to work at it!

5. A good tutor makes a BIG difference!

In order to do well in physics and even master it, you need a great physics tutor, who helps you in simplifying the concepts and makes you understand in an effective manner. Although, it is not easy as it sounds. It is imperative to identify and learn from a professional tutor who is well versed with the subject and theory. An incompetent tutor will do more harm than good. With countless quality physics tutors available for booking on WONK – India’s first tutor discovery & tuition booking app, you can easily search and book a tutor who helps you to kindle a love for Physics! Don’t wait, download WONK from Google PlayStore and get started right away.

6. Use diagrammatic representations to learn the concepts:

One of the best ways to study concepts and principles of physics is through the creation of illustrations. It’s important that you know the units of measure thoroughly and learn all the relevant theorems of physics, which can be easily done through the use of diagrams and figures.

No matter how hard you try, eventually it is all about your interest levels and practice that will ultimately help you excel in Physics – both at the elementary and at the advanced level. In case you do not befriend this subject early, it will continue to harass you for a significant time. Trust it, this subject is extremely friendly, all it requires is hardwork and commitment from your end. So garner that interest and take cognizance of the steps mentioned above to do really well!

Best of luck!

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6 Easy Ways To Learn Physics