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Technology is creating a rage worldwide. In a tech savvy world, you can tap into a wealth of informational resources without even leaving the confines of the home. Social media platforms and the social learning strategies that can help in making a big difference in learning outcomes of students spread across far flung geographies. This article is to help teachers make their social learning strategy more effective. To make your learning strategies better and more effective, here are a few things that can be done:

  1. Assess a learning strategy that helps you move forward. The amount of social learning you would want to incorporate is crucial in determining how and in what ways do you want to make an impact on learning outcomes. Some students who take to virtual learning, are more comfortable with asynchronous and autonomous learning and will take a lot of time and resource to opt towards a more social based learning platform.
  2. As a teacher, you should have set goals about the learning objectives and the social learning platforms. Underlying the social learning elements and exploring the subject matter by infusing more real life based situations can actually benefit both the teacher and the pupils.
  3. Try and form groups on social networking sites and also encourage group collaborations. The main idea is to get learners involved in core content and share the links of resources and references on the social sites. By simply posting on social media, you can help spread information easily and effectively. You can also post blogs and encourage learners to spread a healthy word of mouth for the posts and social media page.
  4. Ask the learners to share your class sessions on social media and YouTube. This will help create a positive environment for more such online learning initiatives in the future.
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4 tips to creating an effective social learning strategy