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Our knowledge of online teaching and learning is growing in leaps and bounds. There are a host of best practices that tutors need to follow when tutoring online. These effective teaching strategies can help you get started in an online learning environment. You can develop comfort and confidence, experience and patience when you get implement these techniques.

Be present at the course site: It is imperative that you have access to online tutor virtual e libraries. These will help increase your efficiency as a tutor. You can refer and recommend these online e books to your students and also learn from them yourself. Communication tools such as discussion board postings and online forums offer enough space for the students to communicate with their guides. Just like in traditional teaching, online tutoring requires a lot of mentoring and care that can help create irrevocable bonds.

Create course communities that hone skills: If you are a tutor, teaching a professional course, you would need to develop online communities that set the course for balanced dialogue. This includes faculty with student, student with student and student with resource relationships respectively. You can help enliven the studying environment and create a social, cognitive and a teaching presence by interacting well with all stakeholders in an online teaching environment.

Brainstorm and use strong behavioral experiences as a model: Online courses are very effective if you have an opportunity to brainstorm and introduce concepts effectively through role playing and by working in teams. Complex case studies and scenario discussions are very good for long term study retention.

The use of several synchronous and non-synchronous activities leads to a more collaborative and reflective learning environment. Online learning sessions can also be recorded and reviewed from time to time. This helps in self-assessment and development in real time for both students and the tutor.

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3 effective online learning strategies for tutors to teach better