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Being a teacher is always fraught with a lot of stress inside and outside of the classroom. If you want to make it to the A list club of teachers, you should be someone who also is well relaxed and very energetic. Teaching in a virtual classroom has benefits that may not translate to wellbeing for the tutor himself or herself.

As a tutor, the best laid plans for teaching students often can see the light of the day, if tutors are focused in constructive strategies and techniques and relaxed in their approach.

Here are 3 best ways to have overall wellness as a tutor while teaching at online learning websites:

Maintain a journal for all your activities: It takes a lot to actually teach a class full of energetic bright minds. You should be alert and aware of their inclinations in class. The journal you keep at home, may have healthy pointers to success in the classroom, both in the conventional sense or the unconventional. If you remember to take notes on what goes on in a class and then incorporate that in your teaching style, you will win many laurels.

Meditate often and interact with students outside of the class: For many teachers, the class is a mirror image of the relationship that is shared outside of it. If students interact in their personal capacity with their tutor, they are more likely to enjoy a healthy relationship with them. As a tutor, your interaction also calms your mind and sets aside doubts, inhibitions or apprehensions about your students.

Set realistic goals and nurture your assets: There are many tutors who are meticulous about plans, targets and experiences. It makes sense to actually hone these various attributes and features that make you a great teacher. On bad days, your struggles may get dwarfed by your achievements and that feeling itself will ease the pressures. This serves as a great reminder for all things good in teaching!

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A Teacher For All Seasons: How To Have Overall Wellness In 3 Easy Steps