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If you want to excel in Math, it’s something you can really do without breaking too much sweat. Fret not as this is not that tough! Math is really no sorcery and requires some healthy love for the subject along with some patience and hard work. Websites such as MyEdge also enable you to rediscover math like never before. Like many math wizards, you can also read a mathematics book in an online library (you can refer to LIVErary @ to first initiate the love for the subject for starters. Some of the popular Maths books available at LIVErary are Mathematical Statistics : A Unified Introduction (Fienberg, S.), International Comparison in Mathematics Education (Kaiser, Gabriele), Radical Equations : Organizing Math Literacy in America’s Schools (Moses, Robert P.), Mathematics in the Early Years (Clemson, David), Logic from A to Z : The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Glossary of Logical and Mathematical Terms (Bacon, John B.), Basic Mathematics for Economists (Rosser, Mike), Cult of Pythagoras : Math and Myths (Martinez, Alberto A.) among a hundred others.

Mathematics is no quixotic conquest and you don’t have to engross yourself in repetitive number crunching or even formula memorizing. The truth is that math like any other subject needs the proper love and right regimen that can help you conquer the stress and do well in the subject.

Here are 5 easy tips that can help you become a math wizard:

  1. Keep solving till you master: Math is all about practice. It is not a very oral subject that needs cramming or even memorizing. In fact math is all about doing well at the finer points. Practice does make you perfect and math unlike other subjects need perseverance and routine.
  2. Always work hard on your weaknesses: Mathematicians will tell you how, math needs problem solving with your grey areas. Your weaknesses may disqualify your strengths and nowhere is it most apparent than in Mathematics. Challenges need to be faced headlong, you need to solve problems interestingly.
  3. Work on solved examples: A good way to master math is to read the solved examples in algebra, arithmetic or even geometry. An academic had remarked previously how, one had to just practice and study worked examples. Additional problem solving is always good for you if you want to know how a theorem or a formula can be solved given a way. Different relationships in math need different methods. This makes for a unique problem solving method.
  4. Never give up till you finally crack it up! Many math problems require help, but some can be ingeniously solved with time and repeated efforts. If you have the time, try solving a sum on your own. Do not relax or give up if you don’t get the answer then and there. The key to your success lies in taking up the reins on your own and solving the sum.
  5. Try putting yourself in a problem solving position: Experts and math wizards will tell you how you can put yourself into another person’s shoes and then deliver explanations or the lessons. In other words, you become the teacher and that helps you put yourself in the learner’s shoes. While you learn the math problem, you also understand the sum by itself.
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5 Tips To Be The Next Math Wizard