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Your memory is one loyal friend who will never leave you. By adopting techniques to sharpen the brain, you shall always be on the gaining side. It will be possible for you to achieve better learning in a shorter time. The right habits can save you hours of frustration and panic. At the onset, it is important that you change our attitude towards exams. It is not necessary to memorize each line of the textbook to succeed. The collection of past exam papers can prove beneficial. Once you start testing yourself with the previous questions, in no time you shall be well geared for the exams.

An important exercise:

Experts who have been studying the effective memory techniques suggest that before you study a topic, it is important that you test yourself. You can jot down on a paper whatever you know about the subject. The first read should be quick as you read the relevant sections. After you have taken brief notes, you can close the book. The next step is to jot down everything that you know. Make sure that you do not jot down the entire sentences, instead just write the keywords.

Guage your progress:

The above method can prove very effective as your brain will get the right exercise as you try to retrieve the information both before and after the reading session. After you have gone through this exercise, you will have a clear knowledge of what you have learnt and the gaps which you need to work upon. This way, you can cut down on time you would be wasting, by reading the sections which you already have an idea on. Understanding your own progress will be easier and the study will prove more effective.

Creating a timetable:

To utilize time effectively, it is necessary that you prepare a weekly timetable. You can map out the study sessions and include breaks in between. The timetable will prove beneficial when you jot down the specific goals which you want to achieve. Managing time is an essential component of improving the studying skills. Cramming is discouraged as it does not prove effective in maintaining a good base for knowledge.

Increasing the reading speed can help you to study better. Along with faster reading, it is essential that you adopt techniques to comprehend easily and retain more. Both newspaper reading and pleasure reading can improve your skills.

Preparing for examinations:

Tests are an important component of a student’s life. Although you have studied hard, you may not enjoy taking the tests. Experiencing stress and anxiety during examinations is not uncommon. Before an examination, pay more attention to the areas on which you have been struggling. Staying organized is important as you take down the notes. If possible, appear for a practice test. As you work towards improving your studying skills, you should know which works the best for you. Is it studying in a group, using flashcards or taking the help of a study buddy?

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