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Which is better: eBooks or Traditional Books:

There is a constant debate over which will emerge on the top; ebooks or printed books. There are several factors to consider when we ponder on this topic. It cannot be denied that the choice of the book completely depends on the reader. Some may prefer an ebook whereas some may want to feel the new crisp pages with their fingers. The avid fans of printed books will strongly claim that nothing can smell better than the pages of a new book as you rustle through them. This experience they claim that cannot be derived from reading an ebook.

The many benefits of ebooks:

eBooks can prove much cheaper in the long run as printing fees are not associated with them. You can easily download ebooks online without a cost whereas physical books will always cost you considerably. You may have to spend a good amount on the device, but that is only once, and not every time you want to read a book. Additionally, in an ebook you can change the darkness of the letters and the size of the fonts such that it suits your eyes and you do not feel any strain while reading. An ebook is the ideal choice if you want to read large prints.

Why ebooks are better than traditional books:

eBooks are perfect for night reading as well. You can easily read the books in the dark as the readers come with built-in reading lights. Extremely easy to use offering maximum reading ease, ebooks are the perfect choice for book lovers. You may not get the smell of new paper and neither will you feel the weight of the book in your hands, but with all the benefits, an ebook emerges much higher than traditional books. For interesting and gripping reads you can refer to myedge’s virtual library which offers an easy access to more than 1,00,000 books. Delve in to the world of books and indulge in a reading experience beyond compare.

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