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In present times it has been found that a whooping 66% of mobile phone users read more on their phone than they did a couple of years back. This indicates that publishers today should focus on e-readers as their main channels and shift their focus from print to online reading. The purchases of Kindle devices too are on the rise. Most importantly, the information which readers require has not changed, but their reading habits have undergone a transformation.

E-books fast gaining popularity :

Ebooks are fast becoming a preferred choice for several reasons. They are not only convenient, but easily accessible too. Free ebooks download choices allure the avid readers Predictably, with enhanced interactivity, the nature of e-books will witness a change. Ebook developers today are trying to come up with features which engage the audience, help them to connect easily, comprehend and benefit in immeasurable ways. Today if an e-book is being designed on how to solve a complex problem in mathematics, it will be followed with an assessment which evaluates how well you remember the tips mentioned in the e-book. This is interesting, ain’t it?

Why e-books are in vogue :

Casual readers can have access to some interesting reads in the digital form at wallet-friendly prices. The most important reason wich supports the use of e-books is space saving. No longer do you have to find space in your home for a bulky book. The speed , ease of purchase and the ability to adjust the display are some key factors which make e-books very alluring. Additionally, e-books are environment friendly and their prices are a big advantage as well.

Factors leading to greater ebook usage :

It is important to note that with the widespread use of tablets and the growing popularity of electronic reading devices there is growing interest of e-book libraries among the consumers. Affinity with the digital media is one important reason which is giving rise to this trend. Last year, a webcast hosted by The Huffingston Post and Digital Book World revealed that mysteries and thrillers are very popular today. However, the big challenge which the writers face today is reinventing within the genre as the readers are usually on the lookout for content which is fresh and compelling. You can consider browsing through the virtual e-book library at which offers an exclusive collection of some gripping reads. Unwinding with a book is one of the best ways to pamper yourself and an ebook is indeed the ideal choice.

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