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One could have hardly imagined back in the 90s, the effect internet would have on all our lives. So much so, that today we almost feel crippled in the absence of this metaphorical web. I’m lucky to have lived a part of my life during the time of the birth of this revolution and to have witnessed the incessant growth and development through knowledge this medium has provided. The revolutionizing tool offered by MyEdge – Virtual Classroom or VC, as the folks at MyEdge like to call it – is a result of this phenomenon reaching its zenith of our times.

Having tried many software to conduct online training sessions and to carry out meetings, I stumbled upon this gem while searching on the net. Since then, I have used MyEdge Virtual Classroom innumerable times and might I add, every VC session has been flawless.

I have used the VC for all of the following ideas I’m about to suggest and let me assure you, there’s something here for everyone. So, here’s me, sharing a few ways in which you could use MyEdge Virtual Classroom.


Online Training

Well of course, this is the most obvious and yes, the original purpose of the Virtual Classroom. All you teachers out there, even the ones who have not yet begun their journey on the path; MyEdge Virtual Classroom is an amazing tool, which you can use to carry out your training sessions in an efficient, hassle-free and yes, highly economical manner. A two hour session would cost you about Rs. 200 and even if you have a session daily, your monthly cost would be about Rs. 6000. In today’s world, where education is highly valued, it wouldn’t be rocket science to calculate how much you’d make every month. And it’s not just theoretical subjects you can teach here, oh no. You can take cooking classes, sewing classes, elementary, painting, pottery, well, pretty much anything you can teach in person, you can teach on Virtual Classroom. With some cool tools such as, screen sharing capability, option to record and download sessions, multiple whiteboards to explain and audio, video and text chat features at your disposal, you’re all set to start your very own online training business. However, you should keep in mind that currently you can allow a maximum of 5 connections (including yours) to the VC. This is one aspect MyEdge needs to work on and probably increase this number to about 10-15 at least.


Meeting / Conference

Meetings or conferences can be really boring… or exciting, depending on what side of the table you’re sitting. Sometimes, meetings or conferences can mean a world of pain to attend if you’re an attendee and even more painful if you are an organizer. What with all the eating the dust and breathing sulphur-monoxide while you travel the roads that are choked with battle ready drivers and jammed with bottlenecks that would put any bottle of Absolut to shame. You can now simply sign-up at MyEdge and use their Virtual Classroom tool to organize a video-meeting or a conference video call. It would not only make your life easier as an organizer and save you a bucket load of money in the process, it would also save the travel time of your employees and give them the freedom to attend the meeting from anywhere. Well, it’s always better to not have so many angry thoughts (if you’re lucky), being thrown your way whenever you call a meeting, isn’t it? On a more serious note; you can even record your meetings and download them for future reference. The one limitation is that the recorded sessions are available for only three days for you to download. The availability time span needs to be increased and soon.


Connect with Family & Friends

Oh Yes. This is one of the most under-used utility of this tool. With phone apps cropping up like it was the first spring after the white witch of Narnia was defeated, we have so many options of calling and speaking with family and friends. But let me assure you, this is one way you can connect with your family / friends who live far and wide, all at one time and in a highly economical way. Let me give you an example. It had been years since we had a college reunion. We all wanted to do something about it. Everyone was all gung-ho until there came a time when we had to meet somewhere and plan for the reunion. One guy called in and excused himself with a last minute appointment, another gave the boot saying he was too tired carrying his boss’ chair (I promise, those were his exact words). So the plan of meeting to plan for the reunion went down the drain, well, almost. It fell onto the capable shoulders of yours truly, to save the day. And saved the day I did. I asked all my co-planners to sign-up on MyEdge, organized a Virtual Classroom session for two hours, sent them the invitation to attend the session and dared them to wiggle out. No one had a reason to say no, all of us connected from the comforts of our respective homes. And we all connected happily ever after.

So you see, although with a few kink to be worked on, there are many ways you can utilize the Virtual Classroom facility here at MyEdge. I bet someone out there, while reading this, is having a smug smile on their face thinking of some creative way they think they can use this facility. Why wait, I say. Go right ahead! But please share your thoughts in the comments below so that the rest of humanity can benefit out of it.

Until next time then…adios.

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Habib Mehmoodi is an online marketing consultant by profession, a blogger and a globe-trotter in constant wanderlust.
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