As a parent you can’t completely bank on a school to teach basic life skills to adolescents. Please read further to obtain tips about the ways in which you can actively contribute to your child’s all-round development.

Parents have a pivotal role to play in their child’s educational achievements and overall development. Research suggests that there is a tangible relationship between children’s performance and efforts made by parents in supporting their education.

Parents play a highly influential role in the social and academic development of a child.

To substantiate, here are a few things parents can do to support their child’s learning at home:
Demonstrate a positive attitude about education

What parents say and do in their daily lives highly influences the development of positive attitude in children towards learning. To a large extent, parent’s attitude towards education builds the children’s confidence as learners. Parents must show their children that they value education which has helped them to achieve a lot of success in their lives. If they act and behave as mentors, it will contribute significantly to their child’s academic success.

Monitor child’s usage of TV and Internet

Children today often spend more time watching TV, playing video games and using the Internet for unproductive activities rather than learning & academic activities. Parents need to regularly monitor how their children spend free time. They must offer children ideas about using the social media effectively for learning purposes instead of sharing jokes and photographs.

Encouraging children to read

Habit of learning not just helps in school, but it contributes to a better life as well. Importance of reading habit cannot be undermined. Reading is the key to lifelong learning.

Interacting effectively with children

Parents must spend quality time with the children talking about their school, friends and play. Talking and listening to your child plays an immense role in developing their learning quotient. It is through such conversations that children pick up speaking and listening skills, which are so important for success. Children who do not spend enough time listening or interacting with their parents often have been reported to have problems in expressing themselves at a later stage.

Encourage children to learn independently

A habit to learn independently is an important quality that every child should have. Parents can help children to develop these qualities by establishing reasonable rules that they enforce consistently. They must make it clear to their children that they would be held accountable for all their activities, both within and outside home.

Support active learning

Active leaning involves children playing sports, spending time with friends, playing musical instruments or doing other extra-curricular activities. While doing these activities, they learn essential life skills. This is the training ground for them for their social life.

Social learning

Group learning helps children to grasp concepts quickly. However, thanks to the increasing number of nuclear families, increasing distances and growing safety concerns, children are unable to develop a group or travel regularly to meet and study with their peers. This makes it hard for them to cultivate a number of essential skills. Online social learning can now effectively substitute the conventional group learning methods.

There are innovative educational learning websites that help children inculcate critical thinking and problem solving skills. They provide an innovative and unique approach to learning & education which channelizes creativity and improves academic performance. Social media technologies and virtual classroom tools have contributed to the advancement of e-learning and they will continue to do so for the many years to come. Future scope of e-learning is bright and parents need to factor it in their children’s education.

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How Parents Can Effectively Contribute to Their Child’s Development?