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[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Studying with friends in a group has been an age-old method of coping with many stressful exam preparations. Here’s we try and unravel the science behind it and the importance of having a study buddy![/quote]

It is said that walking in the dark with a friend is better than walking alone in the light. We all have been at a stage in our lives where friends have been there for us when we needed them the most. Buddies make our lives easier and if you have friend who shares mutual aspirations with you, there’s nothing like it!

A study buddy is important to a student in many ways. Here are some prolific aspects of having a study buddy:

Less or No Procrastination

When we study, there comes an inevitable phase when you just can’t concentrate anymore and you reluctantly procrastinate what you are doing. This habit of procrastinating can hamper careers of even the brightest of the students if it’s not taken care of in the primary phase. The act of procrastination happens when we study alone but if you have a study buddy who can charge you up to take that extra step every time you feel like giving up, then nothing can come between you and your focus.

Thorough Revision

When we study with a partner, we generally engage each other with questions, more like rapid fire ones. This practice not only makes your mental reflexes sharper but it also boosts your preparation and makes you cognizant with some points which you might have missed. Also, if there’s something that you can’t comprehend, your study buddy can help you out.

Healthy Competition

When you indulge in combined studies with a friend, you also indulge in a healthy competition, which is productive and extremely crucial for your intellectual progress. Competition doesn’t necessarily means that you have to academically surpass the other, it means that you have to perform better to make your partner proud and compliment their support with your meritorious feats.

You never miss a class

Suppose if you are unable to attend a session or a virtual class, your study buddy can take notes for you and explain whatever has been discussed and shared in that particular session.

Team work is always better than a one man show unless you’re a whiz kid who needs no assistance. Having a study buddy is a boon that leverages your preparation and helps you in achieving your academic and intellectual goals that you’ve set for yourself. If you still haven’t experienced the awesomeness of having a study buddy, what are you waiting for! Invite your buddies for a virtual class and feel the difference. You can also invite your teachers to the virtual class and let them be your mentors. Follow this link to start a virtual class –

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Why we all need a Study Buddy