What is the process to register as a tutor on WONK?

1.  Logon to and register for free as a teacher;

    • 2.  Login to your account and go to the WONK homepage, which opens by default after signing-in;

    • 3.  Fill in the mandatory 4 fields given next to the mobile phone screenshot in the WONK homepage. See and edit your WONK profile shown in the dummy mobile phone;

    • 4.  Scan and upload/send verification documents as requested;

    • 5.  Click on “Go Live on WONK” tab placed under the mandatory field table on the WONK homepage after reading & accepting our Terms & Conditions;

    • 6.  Please refer to the Terms of Use section under My Wallet for details on payment accruals & credit;

Please note that currently we are launching services of WONK in Delhi NCR only. We will be shortly launching the service in Mumbai and other key metropolitan cities, so don’t wait and create your WONK profile now.